Now on DVD from Time Life is 50 years worth of celebrating with an amazing collection of laughs, fun and one of the best comedy teams ever to grace the smaller screen with “The Best of The Carol Burnett Show.”

A new variety show came to our homes in September of 1967 with a red-headed madcap lady named Carol Burnett as its hostess. I was swept in right away with the show and its way with comedy and skits!

This is a chance for those of us who loved our weekly laughs to share with a new generation what real comedy looked like. From the character of “Mrs. Wiggins,” “Carol and Sis,” “The Oldest Man” and, my personal favorite, “As the Stomach Turns” kept us all in giggles.

Another fan-favorite of “The Carol Burnett Show” was the movie and commercial spoofs and the bloopers – although anyone who knows the show remembers the constant cracking up of the cast during skits. If you’ve never seen Harvey Korman try to keep it together, that in itself is hilarious!

The show had some of the most incredible sets for their skits and costuming that way eye-grabbing, yes; even for early color television it was pretty cool. Viewers never knew what they were going to see from week to week but coming from a large family, we would gather around just to see what comedy madness “The Carol Burnett Show” was going to bring.

Let’s talk guests – are you kidding me? There were so many and probably the reason I do what I do today. There was Ella Fitzgerald, the lovely Bernadette Peters, Liza Minnelli, Steve Lawrence, the ever-suave Rock Hudson, Burt Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, Rita Hayworth and another comedy legend Carl Reiner.

Carol Burnett opened up to her studio audience with a question & answer session that brought even Carol some of the best laughs ever. She was herself and I believe to this day that it is one of the reasons fans found her so endearing.

Closing the show was equally touching as she sang her little ditty “I’m so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song, seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say so long,” and I know you were singing while reading this!

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Time Life is also one of the world’s pre-eminent companies that brings unique music and video/DVD’s that evoke memories of yesterday and capture the spirit of today. They are amazingly preserved to share with our families!

The DVD set features sixteen episodes from all eleven seasons of “The Carol Burnett Show” along with Beloved Stella Toddler, The Oldest Man, Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins, Mother Marcus and Eunice and Mama Harper, The very first episode with Jim Nabors and the very last and emotional double-length series finale.

The also includes new bonus features such as “A New Interview with Carol Burnett,” “Specially Produced Featurette: 11 Years of Laughter on The Carol Burnett Show,” “The End of 11 Years: Saying So Long” and “Never-Before-Seen Bloopers.”

The Carol Burnett Show became an Emmy Award-winning series for eleven seasons. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, Time Life brings this six DVD set to families that includes the best of those eleven seasons for fans to see again and again in their own home entertainment library.

In the end – she’s so glad we can once again spend this time together!



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