Rolling onto DVD and Digital HD this week from director Youssef Delara and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a look at unexpected love with “The Bounce Back.”

atthew Taylor (Shemar Moore) is an author with a book on relationships called “The Bounce Back.” Touring to promote it he also tries to find time to meet a lady or two and be with his daughter Aleya (Nadja Alaya).

Promoter Terry Twist (Bill Bellamy) wants Matthew to actually be in a relationship to help book sales. During a two-day seminar he meets Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velazquez), a therapist who thinks Matthew pushes a quick fix to people’s pain. Her friends Sarah (Megan Stevenson) and Jessica (Kali Hawk) decide to get her out for some fun.

When a video of Kristin trying to put Matthew in his place makes it onto YouTube, the two are asked to appear on shows across the country. Terry is less than thrilled with the set up and even less happy that they seem to be getting along.

After a whirlwind tour together can only lead to one thing, having feelings for one another! The problem with that is when you put two people together who have feelings for one another and they believe they are experts in relationships…well you get the rest.

They have bounced into each others lives!

Moore as Matthew plays the smooth talking relationship expert who isn’t in a relationship himself. Instead he hangs out with his manager and daughter when not doing a seminar. Clashing with the character of Kristin sets everything on fire yet causes both of them to rethink the philosophies they push. Moore is charming and turns it up to high heat.

Velazquez as Kristin is a therapist who is trying to help people but keep running into those who fall for Taylor’s book “The Bounce Back.” Trusting that her friends will keep her entertained or a watching late night television is her idea of staying out of being hurt in a relationship.

The comic relief comes with Bellamy as Terry, the manager who wants to keep his client in the spotlight. Not happy when Kristin puts a kink in his plans, he tries to keep them apart. He is a smooth talking, deal making manager and Bellamy plays the comedy to the hilt.

Stevenson as Sarah and Hawk as Jessica are happy-go-lucky gals who just want what’s best for their girl. They are a tad spacey but that’s what Kristin needs in her life — especially when taking everything else so seriously.

Alaya as Aleya is charming and adorable. Discovering love for herself, Dad is keeping an eye on her but also giving her the space to handle her crush.

Other cast include Michael Beach as Lester, Matthew Willig as Vladamir, Rizwan Manji as Daryl, Robinne Lee as Sam, Denise Boutte as Julie and Annie Sertich as Danika.

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“The Bounce Back” is a charming look at love, relationships and life — at any age. Each of the characters are charming and have their own pains to deal with mixed with everything life can throw their way. That makes the story relatable, even with the comedy mixed in.

This is a perfect film for a girls’ get-together or a date night in! Order some take-out, call everyone over and make a totally fun night of it. There is something amazing about finding a film that can delight everyone and “The Bounce Back” brings just that.

The DVD and Digital HD of “The Bounce Back” can be played instantly streaming and download for television, computer, tablets and Smartphones. That makes enjoying the film almost everyplace is great for everyone to enjoy.

In the end — sometimes you have to turn the page to fall in love.



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