Opening in theatres this Friday from director Tony Gilroy and Universal Pictures is the next installment to the secrets behind THE BOURNE LEGACY.

This film tells the story of Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), an intelligence agent for Outcome. Enhanced with medication, Cross has decided to find out how to get away from all of it. However, there is still the fall out of the Operation Blackbriar that is still strong and everyone is trying to contain it because of Jason Bourne.

He also faces Eric Byer (Edward Norton), who is shutting down the program along with all the operatives within it. Cross must also locate the medications that keep him enhanced or risk losing what he has and finds Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz).

The two travel the globe and stay one step ahead of Byer, Outcome and Operation Blackbriar and his own memories.

FINAL WORD. Although I truly do enjoy Renner’s performances and even liked the action in this film, I just didn’t find a reason for any of it. There was no story as to why he changed or who he was before. There was a snippet of information but not enough to bring it all together. Renner does an amazing job of being a super hero but then again, he has already proven that with THE AVENGERS. He is also part of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Ghost Protocol – so one has to wonder if he isn’t over extending his presence in sequels.

Norton looked as evil as Norton can playing the role of Byer. That being said there really isn’t any explanation for what he’s doing other than Jason Bourne who isn’t even in the film (although they show Matt Damon’s picture once or twice). He is edgy and looks like he’d rip the lips off of anyone who challenged him.

Weisz as Dr. Shearing had a vocabulary that was right out of the mouth of a scientist from CERN! There was part of me that had a hard time believing she didn’t see anything wrong with what she was doing. I’ve heard “it was about the science” before when it comes to using human beings in experiments so that part really didn’t work for me. Weisz at least takes her action seriously but then she always has.

Other cast includes: Scott Glenn as Ezra Kramer, Stacy Keach as Ret. Admiral Mark Turso, Donna Murphy as Dita Mandy, Michael Chernas as Arthur Ingram, Corey Stoll as Zev Vendel, and Neils Brooks Cunningham as Dr. Dan Hillcott.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Borne Legacy” three tubs of popcorn out of five. I will give the film credit for having good actors, a fine cast and a lot of action, which one would want from this kind of film. However, there is nothing that brings the film together or explains why this is happening.

I would have to assume that there will be another Bourne film and perhaps then we can get the answers fans will have after seeing the film. Leaving the film feeling like I was a little confused is never a good thing but it made for conversation!

In the end – there never was just one.



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