THE BREAKFAST CLUB: 30th Anniversary Edition Arrives on Bluray

All one has to do is hear this one word four times over in the beginning of the song – “hey, hey, hey, hey!!!…”  to recognize what iconic film it is attached to. From the band Simple Minds comes Don’t You (Forget About Me) and the film is THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

From writer/director John Hughes is the Bluray THE BREAKFAST CLUB in a 30th Anniversary Edition that has been newly restored and an additional all-new trivia track from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment!

This is a detention most of us could only dream of as on this particular Saturday Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez), Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall), Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald), Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) and John Bender (Judd Nelson) are at the mercy of teacher Richard Vernon (Paul Gleason).

Each in detention for different school infractions, it becomes a lesson when they realize believing they had nothing in common truly means they had everything in common. Learning that labels can be dangerous might make this the best Saturday of their lives!

FINAL WORD: Estevez as Clark gives audiences a truly difficult look inside his character. Being strong and forceful on the outside does not match what is inside his heart. Hall as Brian is such a sweet and sensitive character that finally has his say about being a “neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie”.

Ringwald as Claire nailed this performance. The moment her character is on screen she is easily readable and a tad bit narcissistic, eventually audiences see her vulnerability. Sheedy as Allison is the quiet observer taking in each of her detention-mates, listening to their conversations but eventually showing her true colors.

Nelson as Bender challenges everything – authority, those around him and even himself. I absolutely love this character because his frustration is both inside and out and practically oozes a cry that says, “just listen to me!”  Of course every girl in 1985 fell in love with this rebel in a jean jacket and untied boots!

Gleason as Vernon is a teacher that is clearly unhappy with his life choices. It takes janitor Carl (John Kapelos) to point out the obvious – that Vernon isn’t as cool as he’d like to be. Kapelos as Carl has a small role but its perfection!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE BREAKFAST CLUB five tubs of popcorn out of five. I can’t think of anyone I know that would argue with me about the excellence of this film. It is a story that for it’s time spoke volumes and yet in 2015 has no problem speaking volumes once again.

Writer/director John Hughes is responsible for scripting some of the most successful films. From the 1983 film NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION, to the 1984 SIXTEEN CANDLES (which also stars Ringwald and Hall), my second personal favorite of Hughes’ with the 1985 film WEIRD SCIENCE (with Anthony Michael Hall).

After THE BREAKFAST CLUB came the wildly successful FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF in 1986. Reteaming again with Ringwald, Hughes pens PRETTY IN PINK also in 1986. Adding to the amazing titles is SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL in 1987, PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES also in 1987, UNCLE BUCK in 1989 and 19 more films to follow. As a huge fan, his death in 2009 was heartbreaking and truly because Hughes wrote from a special place that touched so many.

Estevez, Ringwald, Sheedy, Hall and Nelson have gone on to have amazing careers but fans will always remember them as the original Brat Pak and all due to an amazing scripts written and a film directed by Hughes.

The Bluray includes bonus features such as: Accepting the Facts: The Breakfast Club Trivia Track, Sincerely Yours: A 12-Part Documentary, The Most Convenient Definitions: The Origins of the Brat Pack, Feature Commentary with Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson (which is NOT to be missed!) and theatrical trailer. The film is digitally remastered and fully restored from High Resolution 35mm original film elements.

I still have a soft spot for 80’s movies and am proud of my collection (my 30-year-old daughter has quite an 80’s collection herself) and it truly wouldn’t be complete without THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

Because in the end it’s a brain, a beauty, a jock, a recluse and a rebel who are sincerely yours – The Breakfast Club!



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