Coming to theatres from director/writer Maggie Kiley and Storyboard Entertainment comes a film about discovering the BRIGHTEST STAR.

This film tells the story of a young man (Chris Lowell) who is in love with Charlotte (Rose McIver) who he met in astronomy class in college. Believing that she is his soul mate, his life revolves around loving her.

But Charlotte is with Gary and in a hot minute the young man jumps into love and everything changes. They begin a relationship that ends because Charlotte is tired of living with a daydreamer.

His roommate Lita (Jessica Szohr), who sings at the local café, gets him a job with her father’s company. Dad (Clark Gregg) Mr. Markovic seems to think Lita has a thing for him and Dad wants boyfriend Ray gone. Why he takes the job is to be close to Charlotte who also works there.

Feeling the pressure, he decides to get away because it’s the only way he can save his heart. With a dream of astronomy, the closest he gets is being the janitor at an observatory. There he meets Jessica (Allison Janney) who doesn’t take kindly to strangers in her ‘church’.

Seeing potential in the young man she forces him to come to terms with reality and get into his life with meaning. He takes a job at a restaurant and deals with his heart on Charlotte and remembers that there are millions of stars in the galaxy.

FINAL WORD: Lowell as the young man is an endearing character who believes in the existence of a soul mate. Keeping with his dream it becomes an obsession that consumes him. There are moments that are seriously beautiful when he talks about the universe and what it means to him. Not everyone will be so lucky to make such universal observations.

McIver as Charlotte is a good person who just wants more in a relationship, or so she thinks. Her realization is that trying to change someone to fit your mold is the biggest destructor of all.

Szohr as Lita has a lovely voice and has an interesting way of looking at life. Her character is another trying to find love and if nothing else there is her music. Gregg is the father who wants to set his daughters life up for her! Not agreeing with her relationship choices its easy to see why Dad would want the successful clean cut guy for his daughter.

Janney as the astronomer Jessica is just brilliant. The scene between her and Lowell is so beautifully done. Strong in emotion but centered enough that the beauty doesn’t get lost in a mire of mushy thought.

Other cast include: Peter Jacobson as Dr. Lambert, Elvy Yost as Jodi, Peter Maloney as Uncle Ivan, and Alex Kaluzhsky as Ray.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BRIGHTEST STAR three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is clearly a self discovery film filled with emotions and hope. There is certainly nothing wrong with believing there is a soul mate out in the world but perspective is a funny thing sometimes. Lowell’s character has great perspective, except when it comes to his obsession of love.

I enjoyed all the astronomy aspects of the film and Jacobson as Dr. Lambert truly does a wonderful job of speaking with his students with humor. Most of us are like Lowell’s character in that we would love to stare at the stars to find meaning but the darn math gets in the way. There is something to be said for roadblocks.

In the end – it’s all in finding the brightest star!



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