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Currently on Bluray and 4K Ultra HD from director Chris Sanders and 20th Century Home Entertainment is the story of a dog’s adventure in THE CALL OF THE WILD.

Buck is a St. Bernard dog who is living his best California life in the 1800’s with Judge Miller (Bradley Whitford). In a loving home that is constantly being tested by his antics, he has the face only everyone can love. Until one night he is kidnapped by unsavory characters and there is no way for Buck to get home.

Once out of the shipping crate, Buck finds himself in a new and strange land. He has been unloaded in the Yukon during its gold rush. He begins his new life as a sled dog for the postal service. He almost instantly becomes beloved by the towns people and the sled owner Perrault (Omar Sy) and wife Francoise (Cara Gee). Buck proves constantly that he is trustworthy and smart.

His life is about to change again when the postal service no longer needs the run. That is when he is purchased by the arrogant Hal (Dan Stevens) who believes he has the map to the biggest gold rush. After purchasing the dogs and openly treating them badly, John Thornton (Harrison Ford) steps in telling Hal he is going into danger.

Hal isn’t listening and loner Thornton decides to protect Buck even though he isn’t sure why and tragedy strikes. Thus, begins the most amazing friendship between man and dog. Thornton decides he is going to take a journey and asks Buck if he wants to go as well. The two find the most stunning place to stay and Buck finds new friends.

What they both don’t see coming is revenge!

Ford as Thornton portrays a loner of a man who is dealing with a heartache that has changed his life. He doesn’t want anyone’s help with anything yet feels drawn toward Buck. They don’t become instant friends because of Thornton’s grumpiness but Buck won’t be swayed. It isn’t easy to act with a dog in real life and even more difficult to make that relationship with a CGI dog but Ford manages well with his history in that area.

Stevens as Hal gets the chance to once again show that he makes playing a bad guy pretty easy. Filled with anger at Buck and Thornton, he feels something has been taken from him but instead of taking responsibility, he picks up a gun. Sy as Perrault loves the dogs and hates the end result and wife Gee as Francoise is keen to the amazing team they have.

Whitford as Judge Miller knows he has a big dog with a big personality on his hands. Can’t stay mad at that face for long though.

Other cast include Jean Louisa Kelly as Katie Miller, Michael Horse as Edenshaw, Colin Woodell as Charles, Micah Fitzgerald as Red Sweater, Adam Fergus as James and Karen Gillan as Mercedes.

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THE CALL OF THE WILD Special Features include A Man and His Dog, Origins, The On-Set Experience, State of the Art and The World of the Wild.

THE CALL OF THE WILD is adapted from the novel by Jack London. Selling his story to The Saturday Evening Post in 1903, he also wrote similar work with White Fang.

The film is a mixture of fun, the harshness of the 1900’s and true friendship. The CGI Buck is sometimes more human than his human counterparts. The story is beautifully told, and the cinematography is well done.

It’s a film that requires a big tub of popcorn, a big sofa and fluffy blankets with the family. There is nothing better than watching a family film this way and THE CALL OF THE WILD is exactly that in every way.

In the end – this is based on a legendary novel!



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