Coming to theatres from director Jason Stone and Vertical Entertainment comes the mystery surrounding a small town who has received THE CALLING.

Detective Hazel Micallef is the local law in Fort Dundas, a small quiet town living with mother Emily (Ellen Burstyn). That is until Hazel is called to one terrifying murder after another. Enlisting her team with Detective Ray Green (Gil Bellows) and newcomer Ben Wingate (Topher Grace) they can only take one clue at a time.

It is when Hazel calls on Father Price (Donald Sutherland) do they all realize that the killer feels justified in the name of heaven. Simon (Christopher Heyerdahl) is performing sacrifices to do one thing – get a second chance.

But who will get that chance?

FINAL WORD: Sarandon as Hazel suffers from back pain and hides it with an addiction to pain killers with alcohol chasers. When the murders begin to happen her focus changes wanting nothing more than to capture Simon. Continually meeting up with resistance from her superiors Sarandon pulls no punches.

Grace as Wingate is a cop with a newer perspective on the case. Wanting to prove he can help Hazel solve the case, this character puts everything out there – but it will cost him. I wish Grace was given larger roles because he has such a presence.

Bellows as Det. Green seems to be a muddled character actually. I’m not sure if he is in love with Hazel or just confused.

I adore Ellen Burstyn so even if she’s only on the screen for five minutes I’m satisfied with that. Sutherland as Father Price get’s his screen time in as well and the scene with Simon has a moment of pure confusion that I hope everyone picks up on.

Heyerdahl as Simon seems a little type casted here. Isn’t he also a preacher on AMC’S HELL ON WHEELS? Oh yes, I think so. Isn’t that preacher a little tilted in the head on the show? Yes indeed. So watching Simon, that’s the impression I get along with the justification’s for the craziness.

Other cast include: Ella Ballentine as Rose Batten, Kristin Booth as Grace Batten, Katy Breier as Melanie Cartright, Amanda Brugel as Officer Vongarner, Shane Daly as Dale Varney and Courtney Lyons as Jolene.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE CALLING three tubs of popcorn out of five. It is grey and doesn’t have a cheery moment to offer. This is a story of sad individuals who are led by an even sadder individual. It is an interesting tale that unravels but the most interesting parts of the film could have been even greater with a little more explanation.

This is definitely a different film for director Stone who is better known for JAY AND SETH VERSUS THE APOCALYPSE short in 2007 which led to being executive producer of THIS IS THE END based on that short with James Franco and Seth Rogen – among others.

In the end – pray for the prey!



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