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Opening in theatres this Friday from director Jay Roach, writers Chris Henchy, Shawn Harwell and Warner Bros., comes a film perfect for this election year with THE CAMPAIGN.

This film tells the story of Cam Brady (Will Ferrell), a sly, slick and unchallenged Congressman in North Carolina. With the new election coming up Cam hits the trail talking to everyone about being the ‘backbone of America’. Along with his trophy wife Rose (Katherine LaNasa), they play the role with perfect hair and white teeth.

That is until the Motch brothers Wade (Dan Aykroyd) and Glen (John Lithgow) decide that Cam is getting too big for his britches. They turn to Raymond Huggins (Brian Cox) with a suggestion that can only be seen as ridiculous.

Enter Marty Huggins (Zach Galifinakis), a mild mannered family man who runs a small town tour business. When Cam finds out at first he can’t believe that anyone would run against him but with campaign manager Mitch (Jason Sudeikis) working on it Cam isn’t worried.

That is Cam’s first mistake! The Motch brothers have hired Tim Wattley (Dylan McDermot), the best in the business to pull out all the stops to make Marty the people’s candidate. From home to haircut Marty begins to show signs of being a politician and the gloves are off.

Nothing is beneath Cam – and Marty becomes something he’s not as these two go head to head for that one Congressional seat!

FINAL WORD: Ferrell is back and not wasting a moment! As Cam he gets to be self-centered, egotistical and above the law – and looks like he’s enjoying every minute of it. From his hair being perfect to his baller handshake I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, there is a part of me that wishes politics actually was this damn funny and perhaps more people would participate in it! Ferrell would get my first nomination.

Galifinakis is so sweet and lovely as Marty. The scene with his family at the table talking about their sins openly is beyond unbelievable! I am going to have to see that scene again to see what I missed. I love when Galifinakis plays these roles of a guy who doesn’t realize he’s being used and by the time he’s done – wonderful things have happened. Partnering with Ferrell is a stroke of genius!

McDermott always manages to surprise me a little. From AMERICAN HORROR STORY of which I am a huge fan, to this is absolutely cool! Cox is also oddly funny with his housekeeper (no, I won’t tell you, see it for yourself) but I knew this wasn’t a huge comedic stretch for this actor, especially for SUPER TROOPER fans!
Although Aykroyd and Lithgow are big names there isn’t a big presence for them here. I hate to say it but they reminded me of the brothers in TRADING PLACES which is an Aykroyd film. Hmmmm….
Other cast include: Sarah Baker as Mitzi Huggins, Scott A. Martin as Wes Talager, Thomas Middleditch as Travis, Josh Lawson as Tripp, Karen Maruyama as Mrs. Yao and Amelia Jackson-Gray as Becky.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Campaign” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is truly Will Ferrell at his best supported by Galifinakis at his best. I had such a good time watching this film that I forgot I was reviewing it. Along with Film Brat we had a fun time and that’s what a good comedy should do.

FILM BRAT – Ferrell and Galifinakis are a fantastic duo in this film. There wasn’t any one thing that made me laugh as much as everything made me laugh. It was like ANCHOR MAN and DUE DATE had a baby!

This has been a pretty good year for off the wall comedies and THE CAMPAIGN is definitely on top of that list.
In the end – let the race begin!



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