Ready for Halloween? Then I’ve got a treat to get you in the right frame of mind! From director/writer Ivan Kavanagh and The Orchard is a view from THE CANAL.

This film tells the story of David (Rupert Evans), wife Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) and their young son. They find the perfect home for the family and David begins his work as a film archivist. While viewing film footage he discovers that the home they live in was once the scene of a murder in 1902.

Sharing the story with Alice he just brushes it off as a bit spooky but nothing to worry about. That is until David discovers his wife is lying to him and life changes for them all. The house begins to show its darker side and David tries to make everyone understand what is happening.

When Alice disappears near the canal, David deals with the shadows and evil that are trying to destroy the home he shares with son Billy (Calum Heath) and he has film to prove it!

FINAL WORD: Evans as David gets sky rocketing marks for this film. He looks like the average married guy who likes his job and loves his family. That is what makes this role so fantastic to watch. As he slowly becomes unglued it is not wild and raging but instead deep and frightfully disturbing. His performance is just riveting to watch.

I have to give mention to the young boy Calum Heath as Billy. His performance just seemed so natural for a boy watching his father trying and protect each of them. It is the ending that just shocked me.

Other cast include: Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Claire, Steve Oram as McNamara, Kelly Byrne as Sophie, Carl Shaaban as Alex, and Sinead Watters as Anna.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE CANAL three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a creepy and spooky slide into madness. It is a dark tale filled with really intense imagery that is perfect for this story. Director Kavanagh’s brings this Irish ghost tale to theatres and VOD with a fantastic ending to Halloween (which we celebrate all month thank you very much!).

Carrying it off is Rupert Evans because he never loses focus and doesn’t take crazy so far that I was interrupted on the mad-train! The cinematography is amazingly sharp and my favorite is the tall very green field with that single dark spot that grows – enough to make anybody psyched out!

This is such a unique ‘horror’ film that true fans of the genre will really enjoy. I say it over and over that there doesn’t have to be tons of blood and gore for a film to scare the bejesus out of someone. THE CANAL leaves a creepy residue that follows for a long while after the film has ended.

In the end – fear will pull you under!



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