Oh, excuse me, a 22-DVD set of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW is now available from StarVista Entertainment – I stand happily corrected.

Burnett wasn’t new to comedy having appeared on The Paul Winchell Show in 1956. Her career continued with television with a series called Stanley, appearing on The Tonight Show, The Jack Benny Program and The Ed Sullivan Show and The Garry Moore Show. It was when Burnett departed that last show that she did a stint on Broadway and films like Whose Been Sleeping in My Bed?

In 1967 Carol Burnett, joined by partners-in-comedy Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway to bring about this amazing comedy hour. That was the beginning of the best comedy on television. Opening her show with questions from the audience – some of which even now still drop me to the floor laughing – was a part of the show that couldn’t and shouldn’t be missed.

Burnett brought characters to life such as Nora Desmond and Mrs. Wiggins. Korman and Conway created their own unique characters that brought audiences to tears from laughing. Lawrence was the innocent wide-eyed characters of the show with Wagner being the tall, handsome leading man type. Some of my favorite skits are actually when the cast couldn’t hold their own laughter during skits which made me laugh even harder.

For my family, this show was one of the rare times that we would come together around this small talking box and laugh ourselves silly. The television had to be turned up because seven people giggling in a room with no surround sound needed volume!

Her comedy was nothing short of astounding. Aided by wonderful sets, props and a cast equally as amazing, it is no surprise that THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW received over 69 award nominations, 30 wins from the People’s Choice Awards, the Writers Guild of America among others and has won 8 Golden Globes.

The DVD includes 50 classic episodes and shares some of the moves beloved moments from the show. These include Went with the Wind!, classic the family, Mrs. Wiggins, and Nora Desmond which is one of my absolutely favorite skits!

There is also As the Stomach Turns, No-Frills Airline, The Ad Men and Snow White: 15 Years Later. If that isn’t enough how about guest stars Steve Martin, Carl Reiner, Maggie Smith, Shirley MacLaine, Roddy McDowell, Bernadette Peters, Lily Tomlin, Madeline Kahn and the most beloved lady and American treasure Ms. Betty White!

There are also exclusive cast unions, interviews and bonus movie spoofs with Lucille Ball, Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis – more, more and so much more!

THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW has been given the title of one of the 60 Greatest Shows of All Time. These words are forever in my musical mind when I think of Ms. Burnett, “I’m so glad we had this time together, Just to have a laugh or sing a song, Seems we just get started and before you know it, Comes the time we have to say, ‘So long.” Along with her infamous ear tug as a message to her grandmother!

Not only is this an incredible 62-hour collection of the best comedy on DVD but a holiday gift that anyone who wants to laugh will not only appreciate but treasure. In a box recognizable but the adorable cleaning lady, there is also a 20-page memory book fill with stories, photos and quotes.

StarVista Entertainment has done an incredible job in putting together this collection as they have so many others including The Wonder Years, Motown 25, The Midnight Special and China Beach.

In the end – the laughter can be had once again!



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