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Coming to Digital Platforms and DVD from writer/director Kwang-bin Kim, Cape Light Pictures and Dark Sky Films.  

Sang-Won (Jung-woo Ha) is dealing with the loss of his beloved wife and raising their young daughter Yi-Na (Yool Heo). Living in a secluded house in the woods, Sang-Won keeps himself busy with work and trying to keep his job. This leave Yi-Na to try and understand everything that has happened and with a father that seems to be pulling away.

One gray day, Yi-Na realizes there is something in her closet, something that is reaching out to her. In seconds, she is gone! Sang-Won tries everything he can to understand where his daughter has gone and can get no one to listen.

That is until Kyeong Hoon (Nam-gil Kim) comes into the picture. He tells Sang Won what has happened and where his daughter has gone. At first, he does not believe the unusual and mysterious man – until he becomes wrapped up in the thing that has his daughter. This isn’t the first time evil has come calling and if they don’t stop it, Yi Na won’t be the last child taken!

Ha as Sang Won plays into the storyline brilliantly. Dealing with the death of his wife, he seems to forget that there is a little girl that is also suffering and grieving. It is not until she is missing does Ha realize that his life means nothing without the little girl in it. Ha plays a man who does not believe until, like most believers, he sees for himself. Well done and well played!

Heo as Yi Na is amazing considering she is such a young girl playing in a film that asks a lot emotionally from her. Of course, she is adorable as well! She has the remarkable ability to say so much with her expression and that is important when most of us know that kids are not always forthcoming with their frightening emotions.

Kim as Kyeong is quite cool even though you get the feeling from the first that he is a little full of himself. Deep into the world of mythology and parapsychology, he has gadgets that are going to prove to Sang Won who has his daughter and what it is going to take to bring her back to the world of the living. I enjoyed Kim’s performance even to the last frame.

Other cast include Si-ah Kim as Myung Jin, Soo-jin Kim as Myung Jin’s Mother, Hyun Been Shin as Seung Hee and Park Sung-Woong as Myung Jinn’s Father.

Capelight Pictures has brought THE MAN STANDING NEXT, SECRET ZOO and the Russian sci-fi movie ATRRACTION. Their first theatrical release in the US market is the Korean film ASHFALL.

MPI Media Group is one of the largest independent entertainment companies with a compelling slate of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs along with Dark Sky Films.  Films such as THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and THE INKEEPERS and STAKE LAND brings original talent and projects to a vibrant slate.

THE CLOSET is the perfect thriller with the lights out and the family gathered around to experience terror of another kind. I am a fan of films that do not use blood and guts to tell a good scary yarn. This one does it clean, straight forward and does not mess about. Instead, it has the perfect jumps and jaw drops to keep the suspense going until the FILM is darn good and ready to let us go.

Thanks to director Kwang-bin Kim, THE CLOSET is beautifully presented, the cinematography and special effects give the film such authenticity for the creepy factor. The casting is excellent, and I honestly cannot wait to see the film again.

In the end – it is calling you!



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