The wait is over! Directed by James Wan and Warner Bros. Pictures comes the next story from the Warrens with “The Conjuring 2.”

The Warren family continues to help people who are dealing with demon forces. Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) are home after a disturbing visit to the Lutz home in Amityville. Lorraine is especially upset and wants to take some time away from visits and keeping with the lecture circuit for a while.

Ed agrees, but that’s before their local priest comes to them about a family in London. Young girl Janet (Maidson Wolfe) is in crisis as a spirit begins to take over the family home. Mother Peggy (Frances O’Connor) tries to help her daughter but this is more than she can handle leaving the kids with neighbors Peggy (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Vic (Simon Delany).

Along with her three other children Margaret (Lauren Esposito), Billy (Benjamin Haigh) and Johnny (Patrick McAuley), Peggy knows there is danger in the home. When approached by a television journalist who wants to get the story out, everyone in the room experiences the angry and destructive spirit.

Ed and Lorraine agree to go for three days to do an assessment on Janet and relay their findings to the Catholic Church for further help. Met by Maurice Grosse (Simon McBurney), the terror begins almost immediately as the Warrens realize that there is something happening here but not like they have experienced before.

That’s when they embrace knowing that sometimes you have to have blind faith!

Farmiga as Lorraine Warren is such a deeply feeling character and yet she still jumps into things most people would run from. The best part of Farmiga’s portrayal of this character is that when push comes to shove she will take on a demon like a boss!

Wilson as Ed Warren loves what they do and even in the moment where he knows he should take care; his heart pushes him to do what’s right. The music moment with the Hodgson family is cute with Wilson giving us a little Elvis.

O’Connor as mother Peggy doesn’t believe her child at first but when a dresser slides across the room well, all doubt is gone. McBurney as Grosse is a man who believes in the supernatural forces for his own personal reasons and wants the best for the tormented family.

“The Tudors” and “Orphan Black’s” Maria Doyle Kennedy is such a great actress that I wish she had more to do in the film. Delaney as her husband Vic jumps right in and has no problem getting in the middle of the madness.

My shout outs go to Wolfe as the young Janet Hodgson. She is stunning as the frightened young girl and has the eyes that just made this Mom’s heart melt. Well, until her eyes turned a little freaky and then I am not quite so ready to give her a cuddle.

Also, shout out to Bob Adrian as Bill Wilkins you creepy old man you! Robin Downes is the Demon voice — nice going! Bonnie Aarons as the Demon nun — those two words don’t go together do they? Finally Javiet Botet as the Crooked Man — thanks for ruining a childhood song ya sinister dude!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Conjuring 2” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Okay, let’s break this down and get the down side out of the way. I don’t think the film needed to be 133 minutes long. In fact, coming in over two hours is asking too much of the audience and the story (it is 20 minutes longer than the original). Now we can move onto the fun stuff.

I am a fan of suspenseful ‘horror’ films that aren’t filled with blood soaked carcasses, body chopping or machete wielding bad guys. That’s what makes “The Conuring” franchise so much fun — the scary is what we see and what we think we see.

This film is spooky, creepy, and suspenseful with things that seep out, pop up, and scream in a sinister way that bring hair-raising to a whole new level. There are scenes that are spine-chilling and eerie and yet hardly a drop of blood is shed! The music made my skin crawl and I actually hollered loudly twice, nervously laughed more than a few times and put my hands up to my face (fingers spread obviously).

Does it have its cheesy moments? Of course. Do I care? Not at all. It’s an absolute joy to go to a scary movie and actually be scared. Farmiga and Wilson are the Warrens and I certainly hope that if there is a “Conjuring 3” that these two actors know that fans will not accept anything less than their return. I hope there is another because the formula works and I had such a good time.

Gather up a group and prepare for a blood-less good time.

In the end — it is the next true story from the Warren files!



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