On DVD in time for the Halloween season is director Chris Jaymes, Velvet Spoon Productions and Eone Entertainment comes a visit to THE COTTAGE.

This film tells the story of Chloe (Kristen Dalton) and Michael Carpenter (Victor Browne), a couple who own a beautiful house with an attached cottage. Learning that there summer tenant is in an accident, they are in a hurry to rent the place out. Arriving to look at the place is Robert (David Arquette).

He tells the Carpenters that he is a novelist looking for a quiet place to write his next piece. That appeals to the couple as Michael is a composer while Chloe takes care of their baby daughter Taylor and step-daughters Danielle (Morissa O’Mara) and Rose (Alana O’Mara).

Rose keeps busy away from home because of resentments towards Chloe for marrying her father so soon after her mother’s passing. Rose spends her time txting quietly and spending time alone.

All to quickly Chloe realizes that something is wrong with their tenant. Conveying her fears to Michael they make the decision that its time for Robert to leave. What they don’t understand is Robert is not about to go quietly.

FINAL WORD: Dalton as Chloe deals with a lot of issue regarding the stepdaughters and it shows in their behaviors. It doesn’t stop Dalton’s character from being in full on mother mode when the time comes. Browne as Dad Victor doesn’t have a strong role here as he seems to be caught in the crossfire and doesn’t like being confrontational.

The O’Mara girls are eerie in this film. Morissa as Danielle wants to make sure that Chloe pays for her pain making it very clear that the new ‘mom’ is unwanted. Alana as Rose is shy and looking for someone to notice her. That is not always a good thing.

The shining character here obviously is Robert. Arquette plays this character with charm mixed in with creepy and a tad pervy if you ask me. I realize that is the point of his character but dang – he really is just uncomfortable creepy.

Other cast include – Ken Baumann as Justin, Franny Hocking as Nicole, Lorraine Nicholson as Vanessa, Bellamy Young as Annie, Rome Shadanloo as Cate, Kyle Slabotsky as Patrick, Melanie Aitkenhead as Sandra, Barbara Jean Barrielle as Mrs. Weston, charlotte Barrielle as Belinda Weston and Darren Dalton as Detective Martin.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE COTTAGE three of popcorn out of five. This obviously isn’t your typical horror film. The characters are individually scary in their own right and when the story unfolds it’s a ‘oh hell no!’ moment. The film is written by Nick Antosca and produced by Kristen Dalton and Bettina O’Mara.

This is more of a suspenseful film than horror. There are moments of the usual knife play and a few gunshots but it’s more about what can happen next that keeps the film going. The cinematography is well done which lends itself to the film and the music is written and performed by Bootstraps with “Guiltfree”.

To own your own copy of this film give Movie Maven a shout out at hellomoviemaven@aol.com – the winners will be sent a copy of the film directly from Eone Entertainment so go ahead and send us an email today.

In the end – terror is just outside your window!

More on the film and to purchase the DVD here.



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  1. Cindy Davis
    October 15, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Saw this movie at the premier and was astounded it isn’t on the big screen. Super scary and fun. The audience was reacting to everything with screams and cheers. Recommend it for a fun and creepy time

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