Coming to DVD from director Hany Abu-Assad, Arclight Films and WELL GO USA is a mystery buried deep in the mind of THE COURIER.

This film tells the story of The Courier (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a man who delivers things. He asks no questions, takes no sides, and doesn’t care what he carries and does it on schedule. That’s the reason he is hired by an FBI Agent (Til Schweiger) to find a man who scares everyone and he must do it in sixty hours.

The Courier’s help comes from Stitch (Mark Margolis) and Anna (Josie Ho) but that may not be enough. Every clue leads to more insanity and questions as The Courier is trailed by Mr. Capo (Miguel Ferrer) and his wife Mrs. Capo (Lili Taylor), a vicious mystery pair.

As the clock winds down a confrontation is inevitable and the outcome unbelievable!

FINAL WORD: Morgan as The Courier is very interesting. Doing a job that not only pays but keeps him away from truly caring for another human being gives viewers a chance to engage in the story. Morgan gets rough treatment through the entire film but it doesn’t stop his character from finding out the truth.

Margolis as Stitch does what he can to protect those he loves. Ho as Anna tries to reach inside the heart of the Courier but comes up short.

Ferrer and Taylor as the Capo couple are definitely not your average hired hit couple. Intelligent and tasteful is just part of their talents.

Of course there is one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood is that of Mickey Rourke. As the mastermind behind the plan, when confronted by the Courier, the answers aren’t exactly what Morgan’s character wanted to hear.

Other cast includes: Andrea Frankle as Deidre, David Jensen as San Fran Tana, Austin Naulty as the Boxer, Mark Kubr as the Shadow Man and Mickey Rourke as Maxwell.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE COURIER three and a half tubs of popcorn. I really enjoyed the intrigue and mystery of the characters. It would have been quite easy to give everything away but instead the story goes one step at a time taking us on an incredible ride of who is Evil Sevil?

In the end – he delivers!



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