Opening in theatres this Friday from director/writers Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders along with Dreamworks Animation comes a tale from a family known as THE CROODS.

This film tells the story of the Crood family! Dad Grug (Nicholas Cage), Mom Ugga (Catherine Keener), son Thunk (Clark Duke), baby girl Sandy, Gran (Cloris Leachman) and rebellious teen Eep (Emma Stone) all live in a cave in prehistoric times. Living in a constant state of alert, or fear as Grug calls it, they remain in the dark most of the time.

But Eep is different, she loves to explore, run and feel the sun much to her father’s dismay. One evening while sleeping huddled together, she sees a light outside the cave and her inquisitive nature kicks in. In the middle of the night, next to a lighted stick she discovers Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a more enlightened prehistoric man with loads of ideas.

He tries to explain to the Crood family that its time to go too higher ground as the earth is beginning to rumble and shift. Grug, not the happy father at all, notices that Eep and Guy are pretty cozy together. Much more to his dismay is that the family wants to follow Guy.

What they discover is a world, and a family, they never knew existed!

FINAL WORD: Cage is very funny as Grug, the dad who wants the best for his family but is stuck in his prehistoric mode. Afraid of change and constantly afraid for his family it is difficult for him to accept that the family wants to explore the world feeling left out.

Keener as Ugga is pretty open for a prehistoric Mom, Duke as Thunk is definitely his father’s son but slowly comes out of his own shell. Leachman as Gran is hilarious and a spry prehistoric senior citizen. Sandy is full of growls, and teeth and isn’t your normal cutesy baby!

Reynolds as Guy is funny, smart and a spot on the evolutionary chain we all might relate to. He’s full of ideas that are pretty common sense but at the same time completely clever. Guy does have his own past that guides him to his goal – higher ground.

Stone as Eep does a fantastic job vocally creating this character. This actress is fantastic and a favorite of viewers so its no surprise that she would portray a spunky, redheaded, prehistoric teen who wants more out of life than just cave darkness. Showing no fear of challenges, Stone’s portrayal is fun and spot on.

FILM BRAT: I think the story is very inventive and fun for the whole family. I love the rainbow kitty saber tooth tiger and want one! It didn’t need to be 3D at all and can be totally enjoyed in 2D. The family angle of father’s and daughter’s is nicely brought out but not washed away with the fun of the film.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE CROODS four tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is a fantastic family film as the kids are going to go crazy for all the animal characters and the adults are just going to get many good laughs. I’ve always thought sloths were adorable but even more so now!

From cats to one-tailed raccoons to what might be considered a dog – the sky is the limit for Dreamworks to bring a world of our past into full color 3D filled with fun and humor. Everything is here in a world we can only imagine with cave paintings, learning about fire and foraging for food – everything is explored.

Dreamworks has always brought viewers such rich stories and even richer animation and with THE CROODS no one will be disappointed. Gather up your own hoard of humans and hit the theatres this weekend to see THE CROODS.

In the end – meet the first modern family!

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