Coming to theaters this Friday from director Xavier Gens and Lionsgate is a film inspired by true events and the story of “The Crucifixion.”

Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) is fascinated by a case that has made headlines in Romania. A priest named Demetrius has been arrested for the death of a young girl named Adelina and Nicole knows there is more to the story. Deciding to investigate the situation, she convinces her editor Phil (Alexis Rodney) to give her support.

The story she learns is that a young girl has been supposedly possessed and that the priest accused of murder was in the middle of an exorcism when it was stopped. On her way to the hospital she died but also under more mysterious circumstances. Nicole knows she must go back to the beginning and visit the locations and speak to those who may know more than they are telling.

She turns to Father Anton (Corneliu Ulici) to explain the process that led to the girl’s death. Telling Nicole the process of how demons possess and how it’s possible to go from one person to another, she looks once again at the photos from the crime scene. Speaking with her sister Vaduva (Brittany Ashworth), Nicole learns that Adelina went to Germany and on her return dealt with the death of a Father Gabriel who she was fond of.

Only getting worse, Nicole knows there is something mysterious that isn’t being said.

Just when she is about to give up the story – something pulls her to keep searching leading her to a boy name Tavian (Florian Voicu) and his father Amanar (Radu Banzaru)!

Prepare to be challenged!

Cookson as Nicole has just the right amount of skepticism and scare in her role. She is curious, not easily swayed and has her own set of beliefs. The more she looks the more the world she doesn’t understand gets closer to her. Ulici as Father Anton seems to be an unsung hero in the story. He continually tells Nicole what she needs to do to find answers and to be safe at the same time.

Voicu as Tavian holds the key to helping Nicole find the answers. Reaching out to Father Anton it is all about to happen once again.

“The Crucifixion” is a story from the creators of “Annabelle” and “The Conjuring,” so you know it’s going to be filled with jumps and twists. October is the month to be jumpy and this film will happily oblige.

The story unravels slowly and when it all blows apart, prepare for anything to happen. In the vein of religious horror films, “The Crucifixion” falls in the hands of Nicole and Father Anton. Stuck in a barn the demon is going to take on anybody that comes near and it doesn’t have a preference towards its next host.

The special effects are what one would expect and the cinematography is beautiful with the small country town feel. The ending is a bit abrupt but the viewer isn’t left wondering what happened to the priest and nuns who were accused of murder.

Cookson does a good job of carrying the majority of the film, which is difficult enough to do, and she does it with the right amount of twisted creepiness. Ulici is the spiritual cheerleader and although his role isn’t prominent, he does have an impact on the story’s conclusion.

In the end – be careful what you pray for!



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