From director Chris Nolan and Warner Bros. Pictures comes the continuation of the masked crusader’s return in the highly anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This film begins as Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is in seclusion as Gotham City morns the death of Harvey Dent. The atmosphere is thick as something hangs in the wind. Beneath the streets of the city there is mayhem brewing in the form of a villain named Bane (Tom Hardy).

Above ground another nimble footed masked woman is making a name for herself. Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) is picking the rich clean of their jewelry and whatever tickles her fancy and that includes Bruce Wayne. One night she steals his mother’s pearl necklaces but that’s not what she’s really after.

The little meeting between the two sparks something in the recluse as he begins to realize that Gotham might be in trouble. Especially when Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) has been hurt and Deputy Commissioner Foley (Matthew Modine) is put in charge. A young policeman, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) confronts Bruce telling him that Batman is needed.

All of this causes problems between Wayne and his faithful butler Alfred (Michael Caine). But Batman discovers who Bane is and turns to Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) for help.

What is at stake is something Gotham City has never experienced and possibly more than Batman can handle as the ultimate fight begins.

FINAL WORD: Holy moly! I have absolutely no idea where to begin. This film is going to make fans totally insane. First of all if you think for one moment I’m going to give away any spoilers – stop reading here. There is no way I would even think of spoiling what is in this film for fans. With that said I shall carefully tell you what I can.

Bale as Batman has once again put in a solid performance. If it is true that this is his last Batman film then he is putting everything he has into every move he makes. Nolan has ground Bruce down forcing him to either stay down and accept defeat or remember who he is. It is done in such a graphic way it hurt to watch. Yes, that’s all your getting from me.

Hathaway’s Catwoman character is very interesting. There is a humanity to her that shows in her eyes. Having her own reasons for her life choices there is a deeper story that lies just below the surface. She obviously has serious trust issues but, honestly, most street cats do. Hathaway is such a graceful actress that even when she is kicking someone in the face, she does it like a lady.

Caine is still amazing as Alfred and he is the rock of Wayne Manor. When Bruce and Alfred have their confrontation the impact is immediate. Freeman as Fox always looks as if he is having a good time playing this role. In this film it is much more serious and has consequences more dire.

Oldman is steadfast as Commissioner Gordon continuing to deal with the decision he made letting Gotham believe Batman is responsible for the death of Harvey Dent. That decision had consequences he never saw coming. Modine as the Deputy Commissioner is the new gunslinger in town and his aim is not for criminals but to take down Batman. In his quest to do so he puts lives in danger.

Finally, Hardy as Bane. I know this is going to get me in a little hot water but unfortunately I can’t always understand what he says which bothers me a tad. I feel like I’m being left out of something important! Other than that he is buff, he is eerily bulky and uses that to his full advantage. This is by no means a friendly Bane as he has one goal in mind – to take Gotham to ashes.

Other cast include: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, Holly Robinson as Juno Temple, Aidan Gillen as CIA, Josh Stewart as Bane Mercenary, Daniel Sunjata as CIA Special Unit.

FINAL WORD: I give THE DARK KNIGHT RISES four tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is dark, disturbing, heavy, gritty, scary, and sometimes painful to watch. There are not many light moments and when there are it’s fleeting. Nolan has brought almost every nightmare conceivable to Gotham and throws it right into the audiences face.

The stories unfold slowly so go with the ride. There are twists, turns and places the audience is not expecting to go but it all comes together for what fans have been waiting for.

In the two hour and 44 minute running time this is an epic goodbye by Christopher Nolan as only he can do it. Finishing his Batman and ending it absolutely the way he wanted to, audiences are given a chance to take an amazing journey in a visionary way. Thanks for the ride of our lives Chris!

In the end – a fire will rise!



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