From director Chris Nolan and Warner Bros. Pictures comes the continuation of the masked crusader’s return in the highly anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This film begins as Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is in seclusion as Gotham City morns the death of Harvey Dent. The atmosphere is thick as something hangs in the wind. Beneath the streets of the city there is mayhem brewing in the form of a villain named Bane (Tom Hardy).

Above ground another nimble footed masked woman is making a name for herself. Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) is picking the rich clean of their jewelry and whatever tickles her fancy and that includes Bruce Wayne. One night she steals his mother’s pearl necklaces but that’s not what she’s really after.

The little meeting between the two sparks something in the recluse as he begins to realize that Gotham might be in trouble. Especially when Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) has been hurt and Deputy Commissioner Foley (Matthew Modine) is put in charge. A young policeman, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) confronts Bruce telling him that Batman is needed.

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