On DVD from MHz Networks and their International Mystery series’ is another brilliant odyssey filled with all the intensity that can be had when following THE EAGLE Season 2 & 3.

Halgrim Hallgrimsson (Jens Albinus) is known as The Eagle. Working for an international unit he has put together, Hallgrimsson chooses each person for their expertise. Thea Nellemann (Ghita Norby) is the head of the unit, Marie Wied (Marina Bouras) head the legal needs of the group, police officer Nazim Talawai (Janus Nabil Bakrawi), Michael Kristensen (David Owe) & Ditte Hansen as the forensic team. Finally there is Villy Frandsen (Steen Lommer) who is closest to Eagle.

Together this group takes on every crime but Hallgrimsson takes every crime in depth. The reason is simple, he is hiding from himself. Throwing himself into work, Season Two and Three takes the group across their own borders investigating organized crime but it doesn’t bring Hallgrimsson any closer to his own personal mystery.

FINAL WORD: Albinus as Hallgrimsson is such an amazing character to watch unfold. No I am not going to talk about his personal mystery because that the best part of watching. As he evades what needs to be brought to the surface, Albinus kicks his character into high intelligent gear. It is the intense mixture of the job he is good at with the memories he can’t quite get close to. More recent is Albinus’ role in the series BORGEN and the film NYMPHOMANIAC which is getting rave reviews.

The entire cast of THE EAGLE are just so well played in their respective characters. There is such diversity and, for me, that’s important to bring the storylines believability. Crime dramas can be repetitive which is probably why I normally don’t watch many on American television but THE EAGLE explores so much more taking viewers to Russia, Norway and Sweden for cases.

Season Two includes the episodes Cronus 1 & 2, Erinyes, Agamemmnon 1, 2, 3 and Keres 1 & 2. Season Three includes the episodes Calypso 1& 2, Thanatos, Minos, and Ithaca.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE EAGLE four tubs of popcorn out of five. The series began in Denmark in 2004 winning an International Emmy and it is well deserved. From Denmark the cinematography is just a bonus to the series. The theme song “Forgiveness” was composed by Jacob Groth with lyrics by Misen Groth and is hauntingly beautiful.

The entire series is extremely well written and I love how one story flows into the next. Having Agamemnon take up three episodes is absolutely how a story should be told from start to finish. It gives the viewer an amazing ability to get to know each character more while throwing unexpected twists and turns every chance the story could get.

MHz Networks is bringing the best of world programming to American viewers. BORGEN is just one of many programs they have to offer with more including SPIRAL, THE YOUNG MONTALBANO, BECK and ANNO 1790 plus more! MHz networks have stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. MHz can also be found on iOS, Android, Google TV, VOD and the MHz Home Entertainment with more at  HYPERLINK “http://www.mhznetworks.org” www.mhznetworks.org.

I totally applaud MHz for bringing such amazing quality series to viewers who wouldn’t otherwise know these shows are available. My introduction came with BORGEN and since then I have become a fan of so many of the International Mystery shows.

THE EAGLE is a complex series and one that deserves a total weekend dive-in because once started you will be unable to stop until the seasons end!

In the end – there is more to this eagle than meets the eye.



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