Coming to theatres this Friday from director Bill Condon and Dreamworks comes the story about the infamous WikiLeaks with THE FIFTH ESTATE.

This film tells the story of Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the creator of WikiLeaks. Catching the attention of Daniel Berg (Daniel Bruhl), the two men work hard to brings the world’s secrets to the internet. From crooked politicians and banks to corrupt world leaders they dig and post.

The two men begin breaking hard news that comes to the attention of the larger media. Then Assange comes into possession of intelligence that would bring the largest leak of information in U.S. history. Now U.S. officials Sarah Shaw (Laura Linney) and James Boswell (Stanley Tucci) must save the informants they can!

Now Assange and Berg are at odds as one man thinks the world has a right to know while the other thinks the world has a right to be safe.

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