Coming to Bluray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is the intense series that keeps us all watch “The Flash: The Complete Second Season.”

At the end of “The Flash’s” first season, a black hole is trying to tear Central City apart and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is doing what he must to stop the wormhole. After the destruction, Barry moves top speed to repair the city. While being hailed a hero, he is attacked by Albert Rothestein who is much more than Barry can handle. During their battle Albert tells him who is responsible for everything.

Jay comes along trying to explain who he is in a parallel Earth and knows about the demon Zoom. Calling the two worlds Earth-1 and Earth-2, metahumans are coming from Earth-2 to kill The Flash. It would be Stein (Victor Garber) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) that discover there are a large number of breaches between the two Earths and of them is located in the S.T.A.R. lab!

The infiltration is causing havoc with the team with the coming and going between worlds. Trying to merge the two is creating resentment among the team and Barry is attacked by monsters sent by Zoom as Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) comes to his rescue.

Once they meet Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, they learn that he is actually responsible for the metahumans and Zoom. Deciding to help the team stop the constant barrage of attacks, it surprises no one when Zoom kidnaps someone that will set The Flash off. That isn’t stopping the team from looking for Zoom and Barry thought Dr. Light might help but instead she escapes. Now they need Earth-1 Linda Park (Malese Jow) to pretend to be something she isn’t.

After a fight with Zoom, Barry is having a difficult time mentally and physically. Iris tries to find help as the group tries to cope without him. When Patty (Shantel VanSanten) discovers that Barry is the Flash a decision is made that can change things.

When Zoom figures out that Wells is in Earth-2 he threatens Central City. Attacking STAR those in the lab manage to escape but when a showdown with Zoom takes place, someone is sacrificed. With no time to take a breath, the King Shark has escaped ARGUS and he has one goal.

Zoom however has another goal and a way to get what he wants is to kidnap Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and exchange his life for Barry’s speed. The only way to help Central City now is a hologram of the Flash beating crime keeping the citizens in the dark. When Wells comes up with a plan to return speed to Barry, it doesn’t come without a price.

Still reeling from the cost of retrieving his powers, Hunter demands that Barry race by using death threats if he doesn’t comply. With a magnatar that can destroy planets, a showdown begins as Flash deals with Zoom, Time Wraiths and the man in the iron mask!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings their home video, digital distribution and interactive entertainment to those looking to expand their own personal home media library. DC Entertainment is part of the Warner Bros. with their story telling and characters. There is so much for fans to choose from so please visit

DC Entertainment is responsible for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash to name a few. Working together with Warner Bros., DC Entertainment has reached film, television, home entertainment and games. DC Entertainment continues to publish thousands of comic books and graphic novels as well.

The Bluray brings an amazing four hours of special features including Exciting Arrow Crossover Event with 2 Special Features and Behind-the-Scenes VFX on Select Episodes. Also included are The Many Faces of Zoom and Chasing Flash: The Journey of Kevin Smith, The Flash: 2015 Comic-Con Panel, Deleted Scenes and always a fan favorite – Gag Reel!

Also included are all 23 episodes including The Man Who Saved Central City, Flash of Two Worlds, Family of Rogues, The Fury of Firestorm, The Darkness and the Light, Enter Zoom, Gorilla Warfare, Legends of Today, Running to Stand Still, Potential Energy, The Reverse-Flash Returns, Fast Lane, Welcome to Earth-2, Escape from Earth-2, King Shark, Trajectory, Flash Back, Versus Zoom, Back to Normal, Rupture, The Runaway Dinosaur, Invincible and The Race of His Life.

Don’t forget that “The Flash: The Complete Second Season” also comes with Digital HD and Ultraviolet so that you can watch your favorite heroes and villains anywhere!

This series is seriously intense and you can not blink or something important will pass you by. The one thing that keeps me focused is the amazing ensemble cast that pulls each episode off because, I mean seriously, wow. Each character brings something unique to a storyline that is riddled with small details that are so important.

Gustin IS the Flash and that is not an easy task. He walks and talks this character and that really is important for someone like me who didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately the hour really does fly by and I don’t know how they pack so much into it. That is a true testament to the writing, directing and casting of “The Flash!”

Season three is due to air in October which gives everyone plenty of time to catch up or revisit “The Flash: The Complete Second Season”. This is definitely the time to gather all comic book story lovers to pick apart each episode and, in my case, explain things to those of us just getting started in the hero world!

In the end – keep the multiverse safe takes dedication and the Flash!



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