Coming to DVD from director Gordon Chan and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a tale of twists about THE FOUR.

This film tells the story of the Divine Constabulary which consist of leader Zhuge Zhenwo (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang), Yayu “Emotionless” (Yifei Liu), Cui “Life Snatcher” (Ronald Cheng), and Yourda “Iron Hands” (Collin Chou).

Trained to help those who cannot help themselves – these crime fighters bring a little something more to the table. Each has a special power that they have learned to control and harness. Infiltrating the group is Brother Leng (Chao Deng) and after some suspicion, his power is welcomed into the group.

Trying to solve the mystery of the stolen currency plates, the Divine Constabulary is taking there time to discover who is responsible. But they are up against criminals and Sheriff King (Taisheng Chen), a man bent on destroying the group.

What none of them realize is that An Singe (Xiu Bo Wuis) raising an army like no other to take over their world. Zhuge and Chen must come together if they are to defeat Singe and save the kingdom.

FINAL WORD: Deng as Brother Leng is very serious about his role here. I do wish there had been more about his special powers but he sure isn’t bad with a sword either. His name of “Coldblood” fits rather well as Deng is good at keeping his emotions at bay.

Liu as Yayu is very sweet but lethal when she needs to be. She definitely makes her wheelchair an asset rather than a liability. Lesson to be learned from that definitely. Chen as Life Snatcher and Chou as Iron Hands both are well versed in swordplay but they are also funny.

Chau-Sang as Zhuge is a quiet spirit who knows what must be done and will do nothing to jeopardize his group. Chen as the Sheriff King is mean spirited, cruel and untrustworthy – all the good things that make a bad guy. But Wuis is just out and out creepy! The way he talks and the slight of hand make him top dog evil.

Other cast include: Yi Yan Jiang as Ji Yaohua, Anna Fang as Butterly, Ryu Kohata as Avalanche, Sheren Tang as Aunt Foise, Waise Lee as the Prince, Beir-Er Bao as Big Wolf, Ying Jie Wu as Ding Dong and Miao Chi as Guts.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE FOUR three tubs of popcorn out of five. There are some pretty cool effects in this movie that lend itself to the story. The characters are each defined by their own powers and some are very surprising.

The martial arts action is also wild and full of some terrific stunts. If you are a huge fan of martial arts films mixed with period pieces, good storylines and even humor then this is a film for your collection. The costuming is gorgeous as I would expect and the sets are beautiful.

Well Go USA Entertainment has titles that cover over 2,000 titles worldwide. They bring the best of Asian Cinema to North America and THE FOUR is another of those works. For more on their releases go to

In the end – The Four may be the only chance!

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