This week from director Tate Taylor and Universal Pictures is the novel by Paul Hawkins brought to the screen about “The Girl on the Train.”

Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) rides the train into New York every morning. Sitting in the same place she is able to observe a young woman and her husband in their beautiful home. Creating a happy life story in her mind, Rachel remembers a time when her life was equally happy.

Her dream world is interrupted when another family quickly comes into view is of her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) who live two houses down. All of this has sunk Rachel into a bottle of alcohol and dangerous behavior.

On a trip on the train Rachel sees the young women being affectionate with another man and it sends her spiraling. Getting off the train very drunk she wanders to the street where the woman lives to confront the betrayal. In a flash she blacks out and wakes up in her bed covered in blood.

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