Opening in theatres this Friday from director Lance Daly and Magnolia Pictures comes the life of THE GOOD DOCTOR.

This film tells the story of Dr. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom), a young doctor trying to find his place in medicine. Very shy, troubles with the head nurse and keeping to himself he meets Diane Nixon (Riley Keough), a young girl who has a kidney infection. She gives him attention as he takes care of her.

When she leaves the hospital Martin misses his patient. He begins to become infatuated finding ways to spend time with her. Bringing her back to the hospital, the good doctor begins to show his dark side.

But it doesn’t go unnoticed as hospital attendant Jimmy (Michael Pena) begins a came of cat and mouse with the Martin but not without consequences. Martin must decide how far this can go before he loses everything – including himself.

FINAL WORD: Bloom will not resemble any pirate or elf you may have seen before. This really is a different character for Bloom to play almost to the point of being creepy. He creates tension with this character’s delusion and perhaps its difficult to even imagine this happening at all.

Keough is given a role that is more sight than sound. She doesn’t say much and is mainly the object of the main characters affection. Keough, in 2010, began her acting career as Marie Currie in THE RUNAWAYS and has since gone on to roles in MAGIC MIKE and JACK AND DIANE. Time will tell if Elvis’ granddaughter chose acting or acting chose her!

Henson as Nurse Theresa has her moments of being Nurse Ratched and Rob Morrow can be seen in the film as Bloom’s supervising doctor.

Other cast include: Taraji P. Henson as Nurse Theresa, Troy Garity as Dan, Molly Price as Mrs. Nixon, Wade Williams as Mr. Nixon, Sorel Carradine as Valerie, and Rob Morrow as Dr. Waylans, J.K. Simmons as Police Det.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE GOOD DOCTOR three tubs of popcorn out of five. The story is told very monotone with scenery that not only doesn’t change much but stays in hospital white. After watching it I had to sit for a bit and think about it because it is, in fact, quite twisted.

In the end – what does it take to be the good doctor?



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