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Currently streaming on Netflix from Film Nation and director Tobias Lindholm is the suspense drama based on a true story with THE GOOD NURSE.

Amy (Jessica Chastain) is an ICU nurse trying to make ends meet while also raising a daughter. Learning that her heart is in trouble, Amy continues to work and keeps the condition to herself. Charlie Cullen (Eddie Redmayne) is the new hire who is just as compassionate and caring as Amy which makes for a good friendship.

Daughters Maya (Devyn McDowell) and Alex (Alix West Lefler) are under the care of Jackie (Marcia Jean Kurtz) while Amy works. The great part is that they also enjoy the company of Cullen so it is a really good friendship.

They are both working the night shifts so it is easy for them to share what is happening in each other’s’ lives. When patients pass, Amy believes they should be just as compassionate in death as they should be in life. In the case of one patient, Ana, something seems wrong. Led by Risk Manager Linda Garran (Kim Dickens), they inform the authorities including Det. Danny Baldwin (Nnamdi Asomugha) and Det. Tim Braun (Noah Emmerich).

The police aren’t happy with the length of time the hospital waited to call them making their investigation more difficult. Even more so when they are told that they cannot question staff in a room alone. Linda announces to the nurses that there is a case that is being investigated and it makes them all nervous.

Charlie sees that Amy is struggling and he reiterates that he wants to do whatever he can to help and explains things to daughter Alex. In the meantime, Baldwin and Braun are losing their collective law enforcement patience and let Linda know they understand that she is hiding something.

The investigation starts to heat up as Amy tries to help the police figure out who is responsible and the hospital hides behind itself. What’s more – there may be other patience like Ana.

Chastain as Amy is a mother of two girls and trying to keep it all together. The new health issue is making that even more difficult than ever. That is what Chastain does in this role, manage to keep it together when it becomes even more and more dangerous. Taking on the different and unusual, Chastain has always been the actress who has never put herself into one category of roles and it is always awesome.

Redmayne as Charlie is charming and caring but there is something that causes Amy to question their friendship. Having his own difficulties with not being able to see his kids, he is drawn to Amy and the girls so he can have a bit of something he’s missing in his life. Redmayne gives his character a struggle and a mystery that I love about the roles he chooses.

Asomugha as Det. Baldwin is a man who is not going to stop looking no matter how little evidence they have to go on. Taking it step by step, he works with Amy to do whatever they can with the little they have. Asomugha gives this character strength of character but that doesn’t mean he won’t be shocked in the end.

Emmerich as Det. Braun sees that the one responsible is tricky and has managed to slip through the cracks. Frustration seeps in and the time comes when he will be face to face with questions. Emmerich has always been a straight forward actor who takes his roles to places never expected.

Dickens as Garran is the risk manager at the hospital who clearly understands what is at stake. That doesn’t stop her from working the system that has done nothing to stop the deaths. Dickens is straight forward with a straight face and

Lefler as Alex is a pre-teen that has the attitude to match. She does understand that her mother is ill but at the same time is struggling to understand it all together. She is a strong actress who gives a stellar performance.

Other cast include Judith Delgado as Ana Martinez, Jesus-Papoleto Melendez as Sam Martinez, Myra Taylor as Vivian Neal, Ajay Naidu as Dr. Robert Hind, and David Lavine as Duncan Beattie.

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THE GOOD NURSE is a hospital thriller that is filled with twists and unexpected turns. Once again, one woman takes on an establishment that is not only hurting her physical existence but mental as well. Making it clear from the beginning that they will do whatever is necessary to protect themselves, Amy is the only way to find the answers.

One thing that the film says under its breath is that hospitals were not held accountable for anything that happened to patients. That was aggravating to see because it is easy for them to hide with the money and power of good lawyers over patients who do not have the same access.

This is also a crime story because of what happened these patients and who caused it. That is the twists because suspicions are just flipped through distractions and ways around accepting what the truth really is. Yes, I’m been a little bit vague here because I want the viewer to take the same ride through it all as I did.

In the end – this is an unthinkable true story!



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