Coming to theatres this Friday from director Wes Anderson and Indian Paintbrush comes a tale that comes from THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

This film tells the story of Mr. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), the iconic concierge at the most prestigious Grand Budapest Hotel. Told by Zero Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) the elder to a young writer (Jude Law) – it begins naturally with the history behind the hotel. Immediately it becomes clear that Mr. Gustave isn’t an ordinary concierge.

In fact, he loves women and the tale begins with his affair with Madame D. (Tilda Swinton). At the same time we are introduced to a young Zero (Tony Revolori) who immediately becomes Mr. Gustave’s sidekick. Training him in the ways of the Grand Budapest, Zero becomes not seen and not heard very quickly.

That is until the mysterious death of Madame D! Mr. Gustave is devastated and immediately goes to the funeral with Zero in tow and is met with hostility by Dmitri (Adrien Brody). Upset when he discovers Mr. Gustave is to receive a part of the inheritance, a priceless painting and Dmitri makes it a mission to ruin his life.

Now people are dropping like flies and the world is readying itself for war but everyone seems to have underestimated Mr. Gustave and his uncanny ability to solve the mystery, as only he is able!

FINAL WORD: Fiennes as Mr. Gustave is amazing, thrilling, dashing, eloquent, riveting and a concierge I’d hope to have (but not for the reasons you may think!) From the moment his character comes on screen to the very end I am enthralled. The charm that oozes from Mr. Gustave is a combination of flawless and campy-ness that Fiennes delivers with ease – at least from where I sat it did.

Revolori as young Zero is clearly stellar in this film. His facial expressions and wide-eyed wonderment can only be matched by his intensity and comedy. There isn’t a scene he is in that I am not just riveted by Revolori’s performance. This young performer has amazing timing and as Fiennes sidekick it’s hard to believe THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is his first feature film. Looking at his bio of short works I cannot wait to see what he does next!

There are so many performances in this film that the film must be seen, experiences and talked about – and something tells me it very well will be!

Other cast include (and there are many): Saoirse Ronan as Agatha, Mathieu Amalric as Serge X., Willem Dafoe as Jopling, Jeff Goldblum as Deputy Kovacs, Harvey Keitel as Ludwig, Edward Norton as Henckels, Jason Schwartzman as M. Jean, Lea Seydoux as Clotilde, Owen Wilson as M. Chuck, Larry Pine as Mr. Mosher, Florian Lukas as Pinky, Bob Balaban as M. Martin, Fisher Stevens as M. Robin, Wallace Wolodarsky as M. Georges, Waris Ahluwalia as M. Dino, Tom Wilkinson as the Author and Mr. Bill Murray as M. Ivan.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The story is one I couldn’t have imagined yet everything I have asked for to entertain me. Feeling a dry spell for some time now, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL gave me so much enjoyment I can’t hardly stand it. Filled with color, context, flawless design with a huge dash of wit, this film is a spectacle that is playful and hilarious.

The cast performed to the hilt and I have no complaints, I know freaky right? I have to mention that at the screening of the film, the minute Bill Murray’s adorable face showed on the screen the audience went insane with hoops, hollers and applause. All of the cameos had to have been a directors dream come true and next time I see Wes Anderson I plan to ask him just that.

In the end – it is a history and an adventure set against The Grand Budapest Hotel!



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