Coming to theatres this Friday from directors John Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker with Variance Films comes a lesson with THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK.

This film tells the story of Bill (Nils d’Aulaire), a quiet man who loves his life with wife Holly (Julie Ann Emery) and daughter Wren (Onata Aprile). Working quietly at his job as a gardener at the local aviation museum he spends his evenings playing music at the local club.

That would probably all seem harmless enough except for one thing; Bill wears an interesting costume on stage singing songs about ‘humans’. There is an easy explanation for this – one that he has kept secret until an unusual incident occurred. While coming home from work he is attacked by Kevin (Jay Klaitz), who happens to be wearing the same uniform Bill performs in.

What is their connection? Easy – Bill is actually General Trias, a warrior from the planet Hondo whose original mission was to destroy Earth. Once he heard music it became an impossible task, added with falling in love and having his beloved daughter Wren.

Kevin was sent from Hondo to finish the job except for one problem – Bill introduces Kevin to music and he’s hooked as well. Oh, he’s also hooked on a certain female police officer, Carmen (April Hernandez)!

What they both don’t know is there is something else coming – someone who doesn’t have the same thought process as Bill and Kevin. It’s only mission is to destroy Earth! Its time these two Hondonians put a plan into action, a dangerous but necessary plan!

Bluegrass does that sometimes!

FINAL WORD: d’Aulaire is tensely endearing as Bill/Gen. Trias. Obviously in love with his wife, daughter and music would make this film nominally sweet but adding the fact that he is also a General from Hondo is frakken brilliant! Playing it straight with moments of puppy eyes really works for this character who is trying to find his place ‘among us’.

Klaitz as Kevin is hilarious and so sweet it’s insane! His reaction to music gave me the giggles and his crush on the spicy policewoman had to happen, it had too! I would have seriously accepted nothing less for him! For a little while every woman who sees this film will be envious of Carmen.

Emergy as Holly is just trying to understand her husband as any Earth woman would. When she hears her husband playing music with the bluegrass story in tune among all his fans I thought ‘boom! She’s in!’ Again, how could you not be? I thought to myself, ‘So he has a bucket on his head – trust me sister I’ve dealt with men much, much worse.’

Aprile as Wren is a young actress who has managed to capture my heart a little. As Wren she is totally believable listening to her father’s stories of an imaginary place called Hondo. Watching them together could make a polar icecap melt! This young actress is also in a film entitled WHAT MAISIE KNEW and if you love her here then check out her next piece of work. I hope to see her again soon!

Hernandez as Carmen tries as any serious policewoman would to separate her duty as an officer of the law from her heart – no go! But then again Kevin is seriously irresistible and literally sweeps Carmen off her feet. Hernandez plays it well and sweetly.

Other cast include: Teena Byrd as Williamsburg Hipster, Ivan Cardona as the Police Officer, Steve Greenstein as Hank and Eddy Privitzer as Tom.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK four tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is campy, fun, full of heart and music that is fantastic. It is sweet, has a little action and, the biggest thumbs up of all – ORIGINAL! I wasn’t sure what to expect in those first few minutes but watching it unfold was righteously so much fun.

The music in this film is absolutely amazing and it NEEDS to be on CD (Are you listening directors and Variance Films?)! Right now my ring tone for my cell is the song SPACE WORMS. I have never, ever done this before and everyone who hears loves it. With the banjo and harmony of d’Aulaire and Klaitz the tune is catchy and, well, accurate!

I’m going to sound hokey here but this is a beautiful film and, like the stars, amazing.

In the end – its probably the only alien-folk-duo-sci-fi-action-romance-comedy movie ever made, which totally makes it the best alien-folk-duo-sci-fi-action-romance-comedy movie ever made!

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