Opening in theatres this Friday from director Andrew Niccol and Open Road films come the next story from author Stephanie Meyers that confronts THE HOST.

This film tells the story of Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), a young girl running from the aliens that have taken over the planets human bodies. Making the decision to save her family, Melanie is put in the hands of The Seeker (Diane Kruger). Implanted Melanie wakes up as Wanderer.

What the new host now must do is help The Seeker find the rebels who are fighting the takeover of the aliens. Wanderer discovers she can communicate still with Melanie and a strange relationship begins to take place. Seeking out Melanie’s family, Wanderer finds what she is looking for and is taken in by Uncle Jeb (William Hurt) who renames her Wanda.

She is also reunited with Melanie’s little brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and the man Melanie loves Jared (Max Irons). But Wanda begins to have feelings of her own for Aaron (Lee Hardy), which makes life crowded.

Wanda learns that not only does she have to fear being discovered by Seeker but also learns there are people within the group that don’t want “it” around them. Wanda and Melanie have to work together to do what’s best for the ones they love

FINAL WORD: Ronan is a good choice to play this role. Having proven herself over and over she once again is very good at taking the reigns and carrying a storyline. Having to play a double role, Ronan makes subtle vocal changes that make it clear who is Melanie and who is Wanda from the very start.

Kruger as The Seeker is a woman on a mission. It becomes clearer later in the film what that mission is but in the meantime she spends the movie attempting to hide her German accent, which slips through occasionally. This is a very unemotional role from an unemotional host.

Hurt is the sympathetic Uncle who clearly gets it all-straight from the start. Non-judgmental and willing to learn is what makes him the guy to hang around! Irons as Jared is the hunky love interest and that’s about the extent of that role – other than giving evil stars and then getting to kiss a lot.

Canterbury as Jamie is at least willing to accept Wanda if it means he can keep his sister. Very cool little brother! Hardy as Wanda’s love interest is awkward and although I’m happy he got to have his own girl it was just too creepy a situation for me.

Other cast include: Stephen Rider as Seeker Reed, Marcus Lyle Brown as Healer Fords, JD Evermore as Trevor, Jake Abel as Ian, Frances Fisher as Maggie, Mustafa Harris as Brandt, Scott Lawrence as Doc, Shawn Peterson as Wes, Raeden Greer as Lily, and Emily Browning as Pet.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE HOST three tubs of popcorn out of five. In the two hour story I have to say it is missing something. There doesn’t seem to be anything here that is action oriented, anything that could be pleasantly unexpected. Instead it’s the same story with the same triangle story line with an attractive teen girl and hunky hormone driven guys.

Yes, I’m sure this will upset fans of author Stephanie Meyer but then again after surviving the TWILIGHT three storyline not enough time has passed to introduce another. Fans won’t be phased by anything I might say so I might as well be as honest about it as I normally am!

I did, however, enjoy seeing Ronan again because there is something about this actress that I truly enjoy. She has the ability to take a role and make it vulnerable without being overly sweet and strong without going Rambo.

The acting in the film is rather good and the cinematography in the desert beautiful so there are pluses to the film that those who haven’t read any of the books will really enjoy. This is targeted for a specific audience and they will get what they pay for.

In the end – choose your destiny.

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