Available on DVD from MHz Networks is the series based on the novel of Mari Jungstedt with THE INSPECTOR AND THE SEA.

Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) is a German inspector living on the Swedish island of Gotland with wife Line (Paprika Steen) and their two children Niklas (Sven Gielnik) and Ida (Charlotte Luder).

In the town of Visby, the community is close which puts Anders at odds with them, especially when a crime needs solving. Working with Karin Jacobsson (Solveig Arnarsdottir), Thomas Wittberg (Any Gatjen) and Ewa (Inger Nilsson), the team is aware that everyone is hiding something and with every crime Anders knows without his team the bad guys would go free.

FINAL WORD: Sittler as Anders is the perfect choice to play this role. He brings a steadiness to this character which is needed because sometimes everyone around him just loses it. Knowing he is an outsider to the town of Visby, he takes the constantly into consideration when dealing with the locals and some of these locals have secrets of their own. Sittler gives Anders vulnerability as well with his unresolved feelings for his sister and father. It will be his own children that keep him focused on what’s important.

Steen as Line is such a strong female character. Supporting her husband and creating a home for her children does not stop her from knowing who she is as a person. Gielnik and Luder as the children are important to Dad Anders. They are straight forward kids who love their parents (even if at times making them a little nuts). The relationship between Niklas and Anders especially is very touching.

The cast works together so amazingly well. There is a flow that I enjoy very much in the way they interact and, occasionally, fantastic one liners. Each episode they play off of Anders lead knowing that he knows the job.

Season One provides the episodes The Unseen, Closer Than You Think, In a Lonely Place, Summertime, The Dying Dandy, and Dark Angel. Season Two provides the episodes Death In The Afternoon, A Life Without Lies, Lila, Blue Sapphire Anniversary, Alone in the Dark Forest, and No One’s At Fault.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE INSPECTOR AND THE SEA four tubs of popcorn out of five. Once again MHz brings an intense show that is so intelligently written and filled with twists and turns. It becomes a fantastic challenge for the viewer to follow the clues and join in with the interrogations.

Once again each episode is taken apart and slowly put back together and so that it flows seamlessly into the next episode. THE INSPECTOR AND THE SEA gives each character a chance to explore their own story in the mix of a crime. From Anders far off looks into the water to his own sons’ ordeal, it all gives these characters a relatability that will keep you watching. Be prepared to lose yourself in this series!

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