If you’re ready for some serious laughs then coming to theatres this Friday from writer/ director Nancy Meyer and Warner Bros. Pictures comes a life of “The Intern.”

Ben is a 70-year-old widower who is bored! Having traveled, learned languages, spent time with friends above and below ground he decides he needs something more in his life. Finding a flyer looking for senior interns for a start up company, Ben thinks he may be onto something.

Recording a video telling the company why he’d be a good fit, he shows up with his tie perfect and his briefcase at the ready. Ben is liked immediately and assigned to be the intern of the company founder Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Jules is a woman on the move and doesn’t sit to long in one place. Totally hands on for every aspect of her company, she is tries to balance home life with husband Matt (Anders Holmes) and daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner). Not happy with taking on an intern, she starts out by basically ignoring Ben but he is a patient man.

When Jules’ driver shows up drinking, Ben takes it upon himself to protect his boss and take over the drivers duties. That is his in and begins to get to know Jules and her family. When she considers hiring a CEO to take some of the burden off, Ben thinks there is no one better to keep the company moving forward than its founder.

Ben becomes so much more to Jules as the decision comes down to the wire and she needs advice not from her intern, but her friend!

Hathaway as Jules is a nice gal who seems to spend her time making sure everyone is taken care of. Balancing home life and a start-up company, I enjoy Hathaway’s character being honest about it all because it actually made Jules relatable. Then again a sense of comedy and wide-eyed endearment is something Hathaway does very well. This character is stubborn and funny, both sides of this character Hathaway has no problem portraying. Just good all around.

De Niro as Ben nails this character completely. Seriously, I give Jules props for noticing that he is everything a woman my age misses about men! The scene where he is watching Gene Kelly just killed me. I also love Ben standing up for what Jules needs to hear but also laughed silly at a little chaos with co-workers because it is all done beautifully by De Niro. The best part of this character is his adaptability clearly being a man who isn’t totally in the modern age, he has no problem exploring it without screaming and yelling, I liked that a lot but that might be a personal thang. Honestly, I just love De Niro playing this character period.

Kushner as Paige is the smart one here and completely aaaaaaaaaaadorable! While her parents are off having parent-crisis attacks, this kid knows that Ben is the one to hang around if you want moments of stability.

Adam Devine as Jason, Zack Pearlman as David and Jason Orley as Lewis are the three best office workers ever. They are funny, quirky and up for a good break-in whenever asked. Playing off De Niro is rough enough but these three made it look so easy and hilarious!

Russo as Fiona plays it straight and sexy for a massage therapist much to Ben’s delight. Christina Scherer as Becky is one stressed out secretary who really does need to calm down.

Holm as husband Matt – I just can’t talk about without wanting to scream. Seriously, a stay at home Dad who feels like he needs to find himself? He’s lucky I didn’t find him with a two by four upside his Howdie Doodie head! I’ll be honest and say I hate characters like this one so I just put his b.s. on hold and enjoyed the film anyway.

A shout out to Linda Lavin as Patty because I know a woman exactly like her and it was hilarious watching Patty get shut down good! Thanks for the oh-to-real-life laughs Ms. Lavin and it was awesome to see you once again.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Intern” four tubs of popcorn out of five. There are so many laughs here and nearly impossible not to have a good time watching. The burglary situation is one for the books and I’ll have to remember that solution! No, I won’t tell you more, just know you’ll never worry about sending an email every again.

I will say it does run a tad longer than it needs to but it’s not enough to bother with. The film is fun, charming, and hilarious at times and hosts a cast that makes it all work beautifully. De Niro gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, guys in my age group will get the hint about how to treat a gal!

This is a film that grown kids can take their parents to see and they’d both get the humor! The audience I viewed the film with couldn’t stop laughing and by the end couldn’t stop sniffling. Yes folks, it’s that good so gather up the folks, have some dinner and make a family night of it grown up style.

In the end — experience never gets old!



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