Can you believe this? The final seventh season of “The League” is just around the corner and just in time to relive the fun is the release of “The League: Season 6.”

“The League” began in 2010 on FX with a group of friends in Chicago that are part of a fantasy football league. That’s not the only thing this series brings as these friends lives are there for us to giggle about, watching them win at all costs and episodes that are just all out laughs.

This season it seems the group has no problem continuing on with the league drafts, even in the wake (pun intended) of Ted’s death. Andre is keeping his head high and Taco decides to take up golf. Russell decides to join the league as Andre looks to Jay Glazer for extra help.

Darren Sproles is Ellie’s date for the Sadie Hawkins gig and Ruxin is in South Korea leaguing long distance. Now, the truth comes out about Rafi and Randy as nice white coats wait for them!

That doesn’t stop Kevin and Jenny from realizing a dream tub. Taco is house hunting and Andre is once again listening to too many people. Peter is also in a difficult position as he must decide between fun and a hot girlfriend.

Kevin takes the gang into the woods so his manhood could be witnessed, yea, you have to see it. When home, Andre comes to terms with the fact that he is in an abusive relationship.

New businesses are sprouting up as Andre opens a wine bar and wants everyone to watch the games there but at the same time Taco, EBDB compromised, opens a bed and breakfast.

To bring the season to a close, the gang tries to decide who will get Ted’s beach house so they all arrive in Laguna Beach for the final choice – or is it?

Mark Duplass plays Pete Eckhart and I love his character. Having seen several of his films as well as this series I can confidently say no one else could have played this role. He is also the character that introduced phrases and words that I have heard repeated by hundreds of people that I know who watch The League.

Kevin, played by Stephen Rannazzisi is hilarious and I still keep rooting for him. Nick Kroll as Rodney is the guy to watch out for. He has no problem trying to ‘fear’ people into getting what he wants.

Paul Scheer as Dr. Andre is the guy who is just constantly the butt of jokes and the target of verbal darts. I feel bad for him yet, I find myself laughing hysterically! Jon Lajoie is Taco MacArthur being the stoner rocker of the group but don’t let that fool you because money seems to find its way into his pockets!

Katie Aselton as Jenny MacArthur is Kevin’s wife and the gal who wants to be one of the guys. I think she’s more than one of the guys because I adore her verbiage, even after having a player or two of her own (and by this I mean kids). You would think that would change her a bit – nahhhhhh!

The DVD includes the episodes of Sitting Shiva, Tefl-Andre, The Height Supremacist, When Rafi Met Randy, The Hot Tub, Breast Awareness Month, The Heavenly Fouler, Man Land, Taco Standard Time, Epi Sexy, EBDBBnB, Menage a Cinq, and The Beach House.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment takes their offerings world wide with content that includes the formats of Bluray, DVD, Digital and so much more that continue to bring award winning films and television to fans.

The DVD also includes the special features of a Gag Reel, Taco Tones EBDBBNB, Alt Nation, Deleted Scenes with Extended Combine, Who Gets the House?, Would You Date Ted’s Ex?, More Cameron Jordan Cameron, Extended Funeral Ending, So You Want to Work for Taco Corp? and more, more, more!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The League: Season 6” four tubs of popcorn out of five. How could I not? This is a series that constantly has me laughing, shaking my head, wondering what the heck I’m watching and going in directions I don’t expect – all while I’m still laughing. How can this be a bad thing!

Seriously, the guest list for “The League” includes Darren Sproles from the Philadelphia Eagles, Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, the New Orleans Saints Cameron Jordan, and Cleveland Browns Jordan Cameron.

The cast is sheer perfection and bounce off each other so well it’s just a sad side note that this is the final season. To be honest that’s the one thing that makes me crazy, is when a series like “The League” kicks off for the last time. Yes, I realize everything in it’s time but “The League” will be hugely and greatly missed.

So get your hands on the DVD of “The League” Season Six and look for the finale season on FXX this fall!

In the end — the fantasy is real!



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