This week on DVD from director Lisa Mulcahy and SHOUT! Kids Factory comes an adventure filled with mystery with “The Legend of Longwood.”

Mickey Miller (Lucy Morton) loves horses, but after an accident that puts her leg in a cast she is upset when mom Lisa (Thekla Reuten) closes the flower shop to move the family to Ireland. Inheriting a home in the town of Longwood, Mickey is even more upset when she sees the run down mill they will be living in.

Determined to be miserable, she meets Colin (Scott Graham), a quiet boy who tries to keep his distance from Mickey with family problems of his own. On the way home from school, Mickey sees a large house with beautiful horses, but Colin warns her to stay clear. Not swayed she has a look around and in the barn finds a white horse, Silver, on its own. An instant connection happens but when caught Mickey is brought before Lady Thyrza (Miriam Margolyes) and another connection happens!

Lady Thyrza tells Mickey the story of their family and the Black Knight, a landowner who is seen in Longwood by the townsfolk. The legend is a sad one, as the Black Knight lost his wife and became a dark and troubled man. When the villages could take no more, the Black Knight’s daughter was taken away and never seen again. Mickey isn’t sure why Thyrza shared the story but is quickly interrupted by Hernanda (Kathy O’Brien), fiancé to the Earl Marc Dumonceau (Sean Mahon).

Mickey cannot help but be curious about the legend and when she discovers a link to the story and the lives of seven horses and must do whatever it takes to stop the bad things from happening and redeem the knight — bringing peace to Longwood.

Morton as Miller is the absolute right choice for this role. She is strong willed, doesn’t take any guff, and knows when something needs to be set right. Projecting every bit of that in the film she makes her character believable which is important in this storyline. She carries the majority of the film and does so with what seems like ease for her.

Graham as Colin is a shy young boy with obvious problems at home. Although he wants to befriend Mickey, there is always the fear people will discover his secret.

Reuten as Lisa is a mother trying her best to start a new life with the kids. When Mickey tries to tell her what is happening in Longwood, she doesn’t quite believe the young girl, which has consequences. Margolyes as Thyrza has a small role but it sets up the story and the history of the Black Knight.

Mahon as the Earl is like the Mad Hatter running about and seeing less and less of what is happening around him. O’Brien as Hernanda is definetly the one to keep an eye on. Her presence in Longwood has a history all it’s own with secrets she doesn’t want anyone to know!

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Legend of Longwood” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I really did enjoy the film with it’s theme of family and mystery. The cast brings the story to life and the scenery is stunning. The film is a mix of a family attempting to understand the death of a parent and starting over, friendship, mystery, legends, beautiful scenery, stunning horses and a quest to bring peace.

The DVD includes a behind-the-scenes featurette that gives the audience a look at the story that comes in at 99 minutes of adventure. The soundtrack set in the landscape of Ireland is done by Patrick Neil Doyle, who is responsible for the “Brave” soundtrack as well. “The Legend of Longwood” also has the Dove Foundation seal of family entertainment.

In the end — it is an ancient legend beyond imagination!



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