In 1989 something marvelous happened with Disney, a little redheaded mermaid splashed into history as one of the most iconic characters in animation. This year Disney will release THE LITTLE MERMAID to fans everywhere!

This film tells the story of Ariel (Jodi Benson), a curious young mermaid who wants nothing more than to find out what’s out in the big world – especially on dry land. Her father only wants a daughter who’s happy under the sea and when he sees Ariel stubbornness he puts Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) to watching his daughter.

Ariel goes to the surface and sees the face of Eric (Christopher Barnes) and falls in love. The only way to be with him is to make a pact with the wicked Ursula (Pat Carroll). Spending time on dry land without her voice Ariel begins to understand the pull between her love for Eric and family under the sea!

I had the great opportunity to talk with John Musker, one of the creator/directors of THE LITTLE MERMAID. Along with Ron Clements, these two gentlemen created something pretty special for Disney fans.

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