On Bluray this week from bestselling storyteller Nicholas Sparks, director George Tillman Jr., and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a love that involved “The Longest Ride.”

This film tells the story of Sophia (Brit Robertson), a college student who is looking forward to a job in New York’s art world. Excited about her future, the one thing she didn’t see coming was Luke (Scott Eastwood).

A bull rider coming back after a serious accident, Luke makes an immediate connection after meeting Sophia at a bull riding event. Taking time to get to know one another, there relationship is obviously strong. One night on a ride home, Luke sees something off the road.

Investigating they find Ira (Alan Alda), an elderly man who smashed his car into a tree. Luke pulls him from the car but not before Ira asks Sophia for a box on the floorboard. Visiting the gentleman in the hospital, Sophia begins to learn about the love and life of Ira and Ruth.

Young Ira (Jack Huston) sees Ruth (Oona Chaplin) and instantly falls in love with her. When they finally decide to marry, Ira is sent off to war and is wounded. That wound would carry high emotions throughout their lives. Ruth, a lover of art, begins a collection that fills there home.

Luke also has a problem, he is riding when he shouldn’t be and when Sophia finds out about it she must decide if their new found love can withstand it.

Both romances intertwine with love and sacrifice!

Robertson as Sophia is a young woman just starting out her life doing what she loves — that’s working in the art world. Robertson carries a bit of naïve with her character as well. Seen in the television series “Under the Dome,” she also hit the screen earlier this year with George Clooney in the film “Tomorrowland.”

Eastwood as Luke is endearing as a bull rider. The way he portrays his character makes him totally believable in this part. He is charming and, of course, seriously good looking but in this role as Luke his character takes on a learning process that plays so well to the ending of the film. No, I won’t tell you so there!

Huston as a younger Ira gives this role heart. It is truly wonderful to see a character that doesn’t overplay his emotion but instead knows what is right, even if it hurts the heart. Chaplin as Ruth is sweet and a woman who wants love with all the trimmings — sometimes the trimmings aren’t what we think.

Alda as Ira is just beautiful. I have been watching this actor for as long as I can even remember. Of course as Hawkeye Pierce in the television series “M*A*S*H” there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know what an amazing actor he is. As Ira he made me tear up a time or two and its tears I don’t mind shedding.

Other cast includes Melissa Benoist as Marcia, Elea Oberon as Mrs. Pfeffer, Jaret Sears as Joe Parks, Hunter Burke as David Stein and Lolita Davidovich as Kate Collins.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Longest Ride” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely a Nicholas Sparks film with the story of love and sacrifice. This author captured the world’s attention beginning with “The Notebook” and “Dear John” and he continues to give fans the stories they love.

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In the end — they share a love story!



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