Coming to theatres from director/writer Peter Glanz and Gravitas Ventures is a film that examines life during THE LONGEST WEEK EVER.

This film tells the story of Conrad Valmont (Jason Bateman), a forty-year-old man who has lived the life of privilege. One day when he is forced out of the Valmont hotel owned by his family he learns it has to do with the parents who ignored him most of his life.

Still thinking only of himself after forty years, Conrad hits up his artist friend Dylan (Billy Crudup) who understands his friends better than most. But Conrad isn’t telling his friend he is homeless AND penniless.

Invited to a charity event, Conrad comes across the beautiful Beatrice Fairbanks (Olivia Wilde) and learns Dylan has feelings for her. Begging for Conrad to stay away only tempts him more and with humor and lies captures her heart, but how to tell Dylan.

Feeling love for the first time in his life, Conrad tells therapist Barry (Tony Roberts) every detail of this relationship. When cornered about the dishonesty – Conrad knows this is going to go bad if he doesn’t tell Beatrice the truth.

The bigger problem is Conrad doesn’t know how to do anything except ruin his own life which hits anyone else near him. The question – is it to late to change?

FINAL WORD: Jason Bateman as Conrad is a character that is totally unlike anything I have seen this actor do – and he does it fiercely and skillfully. Maybe I’m partial because I love everything Bateman does (yep, a Bateman fan and proud of it!) but I think it’s truly because he brings a life to Conrad that is superb.

Crudup as Dylan is the long time friend who knows what he is in for with Conrad but continues to allow himself to be abused, if you will. He wants love just as much as his buddy but has a funny way of going about relationships. Crudup is endearing but don’t think he doesn’t have a stinger; he’s just twisted about how he handles being upset.

Wilde as Beatrice is the model with bangs and overly done black cat-eye makeup who happens to fall in love. The problem with falling in love is one tends to believe everything that comes out of a persons mouth – I kept yelling ‘fact check baby!’ at the screen. My cynicism knows no bounds anymore!

Other cast include: Jenny Slate as Jocelyn, Laura Clery as Bunny, and Barbara Schulz as Marianne.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE LONGEST WEEK four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is witty, charming, endearing, funny, intense, sarcastic all wrapped messy in a good story. I couldn’t stop watching it! Steve Witting narrates the film with such comic grace I can honestly say I don’t know how he kept from laughing. He is the calm voice of reason when everyone else has a screw loose.

The characters are just insane and played brilliantly by Bateman, Wilde and Crudup. The catchy lines come out with such ease that I felt like a viewer off to the side witnessing the evolution of would-be adults. Cleverly written and beautifully filmed, THE LONGEST WEEK is why I love films!

If you have a biting sense of humor and love to spend time watching a story unravel nodding your head in agreement with the understanding of this trio’s madness then hit the theatre for THE LONGEST WEEK.

In the end – broke, evicted and in love all in the longest week ever!



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