Coming to DVD from director Rob Zombie and Anchor Bay is the intense and eye-popping tale about THE LORDS OF SALEM.

This film tells the story of DJ Heidi LaRoc (Sheri Moon Zombie), a local radio personality with her friends Herman (Ken Foree) and Whitey (Jeff Daniel Phillips). One night at work she receives a box that is a ‘gift from the Lords’. Inside the box is a record with an eerie melody that triggers flashbacks.

Heidi tries talking to the landlord of the building Lacy (Judy Geeson). Lacy invites her to tea to meet friends Megan (Patricia Quinn) and Sonny (Dee Wallace). Quickly Heidi gets uncomfortable with the talk of palm reading and the like.

Each hour that passes Heidi begins to see more and more macabre visions. What she doesn’t know is that author Francis Matthias (Bruce Davison) suspects there is more here than just a record.

In fact, the history of the town emerges as dark, satanic and looking for something only Heidi can give them.

FINAL WORD: Zombie as Heidi is perfect for this role. Enjoying job and friendships she is definitely her own person. From the apartment to the clothing – everything about her screams different but in such an awesome way. When the change happens, Zombie goes full on deep into a crazy that is filled with such angst and sadness.

Davison as Matthias is a character that looks into what he suspects about the town and how far back the terror goes. Next time I suggest he stays clear of tea parties! Phillips as Whitey is a small but poignant role, especially the telephone conversation that was heartbreaking.

Geeson as Lacy is the kind-hearted landlord and I avoid kind hearted landlords for just this very reason. Can’t trust them! Geeson is sweet even when she’s not. Wallace as Sonny is the cigarette smoking smart ass of the group who has an affinity for cast iron skillets and, it’s nice to see her again.

Now, Quinn as Megan is just a thrill for me. Yes, absolutely I am a Magenta fan since first stepping foot into a midnight showing of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. It should be no surprise that I sort of secretly rooted for her character in this film. Megan is clever with her words and devious with her deeds.

The DVD includes an audio commentary that has to be seen and heard by writer-producer-director Rob Zombie.

Other cast includes: Maria Conchia Alsono as Alice Matthias, Richard Fancy as AJ Kennedy, Andrew Pine as Rev. Jonathan Hawthorne, Michael Berryman as Virgil Magnus, Sid Haig as Dean Magnus, Bonita Friedericy as Abigail Hennessey, Nancy Linehan Charles as Clovis Hales and Meg Foster as the amazingly horrifically scary Margaret Morgan.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE LORDS OF SALEM three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Director Rob Zombie is known for putting together amazing pieces of film and this is no exception to that rule. It is bitter, harsh, riveting and mind blowing.

The film reminds me of the horror movies I enjoyed ‘back in the day’ as it were. Films like SUSPIRIA, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE EXORCIST were made for viewers to scare themselves more than anything that could be on the screen. THE LORDS OF SALEM is now and forever in that group.

In the end – the lords are coming!

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