On DVD, Digital Platform and VOD this week from director-writer Joel Hopkins, Ketchup Entertainment and ARC Entertainment comes a relationship built on THE LOVE PUNCH.

This film tells the story of Kate (Emma Thompson) and ex-husband Richard (Pierce Brosnan). Kate is enjoying her life when daughter goes off to college while Richard is looking forward to retirement.

But both there lives go haywire once Richard discovers that his company’s assets are frozen during a buy out and that includes his pension. Kate is affected as well since her funds are tied up with Richards.

Richard attempts to get answers and begs Kate to help. Knowing her financial future is in jeopardy, she agrees. They pack and head to France where they plan to steal a diamond worth millions and, surprisingly, find an ally in owner’s girlfriend Michaela (Eleanor Matsuura).

With the help of friends Penelope (Celia Imrie) and Jerry (Timothy Spall) France will never know what hit them!

FINAL WORD: Thompson as Kate brings another comedic brilliant performance. I love when she takes on characters that are snappy and witty yet constantly surprises me. Coming off SAVING MR. BANKS, Thompson once again shows why audiences really do love her. Staying on her toes around the ex is something many women can relate to!

Brosnan as Richard is a man who believed his life was in the bag. Looking forward to retirement he gets the shock of his life when everything he’s worked for is gone in an instant. Brosnan goes into revenge mode but in a totally unique way. Going with the idea of ‘don’t get mad – get even’ hilarity ensues!

Imrie and Spall as couple Penelope and Jerry are absolutely wonderful in the film. Up for anything, they get involved in the diamond caper playing Americans from Texas – yes, it really is funny to watch!

Director/writer Hopkins says about his film, “I got excited by the idea of this ‘classic’ movie couple. You’re always looking for that spark and what’s so fun here is that, from the start of this movie, you’ve got two people wrestling each other and its fun to watch. As a writer, you’re always looking for conflict because it gives you many possibilities from a dramatic standpoint. The lovely energy between these two people sparring brought back to mind ‘comedies of remarriage’ like Howard Hawks’ 1940’s film HIS GIRL FRIDAY.”

Other cast include: Tuppence Middelton as Sophie, Marisa Berenson as Catherine, Patrice Cols as Garde, Jack Wilkinson as Matt, Tom Morton as Tim and Adam Byron as Tyler.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE LOVE PUNCH three and a half tube of popcorn out of five. What I loved most about this film up front is that it is definitely geared towards an audience that is becoming more and more ignored. What audience is that? I’m glad you asked.

The films that are made now are heavily geared towards the younger audience who want to see things blown up, and tons of CGI and no so much a storyline or, as I call it “thinking”. THE LOVE PUNCH is a smart comedy that those of us over, say 45, are looking to find in a film. Brosnan and Thompson are fantastic together!

Love, laughs, fun, comedy (that truly IS comedy) and a story with relatable characters set in a roller coaster ride in France. Well done Mr. Hopkins.

Ketchup Entertainment focus’ on working with respected filmmakers and emerging talent in releasing films to a wide audience. ARC Entertainment provides digital and DVD film distribution that explores unique program distribution.

In the end – you can’t pinch a diamond without stealing a few hearts!




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