Coming to DVD from director/writer Scott Wiper, Declan O’Brien and 20th Century Fox comes the story of a Marine who knows how to make things right with THE MARINE 3: HOMEFRONT.

This film tells the story of Jake (Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanan), a Marine home for a two week visit with his sisters Amanda (Camille Sullivan) and Lily (Ashley Bell) and best friend Police chief Harkin (Jared Keeso). Jake learns there are problems as Amanda might have to sell their family home and Lily is hanging out with Darren (Jeffrey Ballard) who he doesn’t like.

But there are far worse problems as Jonas Pope (Neal McDonough) is out to make his mark. Disgusted with the world because of greedy he decides he is going to make the world stand up and listen.

Lily and Darren are out together when they see a murder and Jonas abducts them both but not before Lily is able to make a call home. Jake jumps into action knowing what he must to do get them back. That is if the FBI, who is also looking for Jonas, doesn’t get in his way.

Jake knows what he must do and its best if everyone just stays out of his way!

FINAL WORD: Mizanin is a WWE Smackdown wrestler at one of 8 finalists in 2004 until winning the WWE Tag Team Championships in 2010 with tag team partner John Morrisons. Here, Mizanin gets a chance to wrestling some acting and actually pulls it off. With a quiet demeanor, most of the time, he is a guy who wants to do right by his family and country.

Bell as sister Lily has a mind and mouth of her own which gets her in trouble with everyone. Sullivan as Amanda is the older sister trying to keep the family home and in a time where that is a challenge for many people she is totally believable.

Keeso as Jake’s best friend also is torn between what he wants to do and what he can do being the law in the town. Ballard is a misunderstood guy but any guy dating your sister is bound to have problems.

McDonough as Jonas Pope has gotten a reputation for playing these types of bad guy roles. Why? Because he does a frakken good job at it that’s why. Once again you can see crazy because McDonough wants you to see crazy!

Other cast include: Michael Eklund as Eckert, Aleks Paunovic as Gabriel, Darcy Laurie as Teddy, Teach Grant as Brooke, Phillip Mitchell as Leo and Sean Tyson as Murray.

TUBS OF POPCORN: : I give THE MARINE 3: Homefront three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is another in the installment of the Marine storyline. That being said its also action packed, decent storyline and an outcome that might be a little predictable but nonetheless totally entertainment.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings THE MARINE 3: HOMEFRONT to audiences with amazing blu-ray. Seriously, the picture is amazing to the point of feeling like you could reach out and touch the scenes! Disc One contains the film but also “Shipwrecked: Breaking Down the Boat”, “The Miz Rocks the Boat”, “The Miz Declassified”, “Casting Call: Ready to Enlist”, and “Miz Journal”.

In the end – he is making the ultimate sacrifice for everyone!

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