Put on your sneakers and get ready for the greatest sporting event ever! From Disney Junior on DVD is “Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon” join referee Goofy and all your Clubhouse pals from earth and outer space as they compete in wonderfully wacky games.

Mickey Mouse has decided that it’s time to gather everyone into the Clubhouse for the first annual Sport-Y-thon. There is every kind of game to be played and Mickey calls in more players with Martian Mickey, Martian Minnie, and Pluto from Pluto.

Not really knowing much about sports, the Martian Mickey and Minnie aren’t quite sure what to do. Being with the group gives them a chance to learn about good sportsmanship and they are fast learners. Martian Minnie realizes that her jet pack probably doesn’t fall under the good sportsmanship category and is happy to play without it.

Pluto is so excited to be playing that he doesn’t realize that he is kind of taking over in Volley-Bop. Martian Mickey is part of the relay race and discovers that it is a little more difficult that he thought. That’s where he learns the lesson that just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean giving up is the answer.

Donald Duck gets his own episode to learn a valuable lesson when trying to create his own clubhouse. Not realizing that building the structure is a lot more than he ever realized, it is his friends who show him that friendship means so much more.

That’s what being a Mouseketeer is really all about isn’t it? Learning from one another, discovering true friendship, having fun and being the best that each of us can be. This DVD is a wonderful way to not only teach good sportsmanship but being the best as a person and never giving up because there are people who believe in each of us.

The 132 minute DVD is truly delightful, fun and brings everything we have all come to expect from Disney. For more of what Disney has to offer please visit www.DisneyDVD.com or www.DisneyJunior.com.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon” is fun, entertaining, done in vivid color with a story line that is so easy for kids to grasp and understand. This is also they DVD that is perfect for family viewing and be able to talk through. Okay, having a gold Mickey Medal is pretty darn cool too!

The DVD includes the episodes Mickey’s Sport-y-Thon, Mickey’s Mousekeball, Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventure, Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday, Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse and Mickey’s Mystery. To make sure your family knows they are all winners, the DVD also includes a free Golden Mickey Medal so it’s game on for all.

In the end — go for the gold!



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