Coming to VOD from director William Dickerson and Taylor Made Films is a look deep inside THE MIRROR.

This film tells the story of Will, a filmmaker looking for an idea for his next film. Looking on the internet he finds Taylor (Taylor McCluskey) a ‘lifestreamer’ who puts his entire life on the internet.

Now Will wants to work with Taylor and put something together. As the director digs into his life more, the more it gets a little twisted. Everyone but Will seems to notice that Taylor is a little on edge.

FINAL WORD: First of all let me say that Dickerson’s film DETOUR is one of my absolute favorites. If you haven’t seen it then what planet are you on?!? It was funny, realistic, sad and frightening at the same time. Yes, I watched it twice!

Now, THE MIRROR is extremely quirky, interesting, a little crazy and exactly what I thought would happen but with a twist. Dickerson gets the chance to explore what he wants as a filmmaker but the question is did he succeed? His answer at the end of the film might satisfy for the moment but I have to think he and writing partner Dwight Moody already have something else in the hopper.

McCluskey as Taylor is frightfully calm – until he isn’t. I wasn’t exactly sure if he was going to go off or not but that’s the point isn’t it? To keep the audience wondering if Taylor is going to turn into a psycho killer who ends the film with Hollywood covered in blood? Okay, perhaps that’s going to far or not far enough. That’s the joy of figuring out the characters in the film….wait, he IS a character right?

Other cast include: Spencer McClusky as Spencer, Pat Down as Marty, Bill Escudier as William 2.0, Paul Yates as Paul Yates and Hannah Levien as Ellen Long.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE MIRROR three tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is directed by Will Dickerson, written by Will Dickerson and Dwight Moody, produced by Will Dickerson & Taylor and stars – Taylor. That in itself is quite impressive and the story is quite unique.

I have to personally thank Dickerson for not killing me with outrageous camera swerving and 3D but instead just an interesting tale of those glued to life streamers, Hollywood, the internet and a guy who needs to apologize to his brother and then get laid.

Go to and pre-order THE MIRROR as it heads to VOD on October 15th, 2013!

In the end – one side is fact and the other side is fiction!

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