On Blu-ray and DVD from director Soi Cheang and Well Go USA Entertainment is the next adventure from the “The Monkey King 3.”

Tang Sanzang (William Feng Shaofeng) is back in action with Wukong the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok Fu-shing), sand demon blue Wujing (Him Lo Chung-him) and pig demon Bajie (Xiao Shenyang). Riding down a peaceful river, it all begins to turn dangerous when they accidentally come into the Womanland of Western Liang.

What makes this land unique is that it is totally inhabited by women. Immediately they realize that these women truly believe that men have no ability to love but rather break hearts. It is Tang Sanzang who is immediately taken with Womanland’s Queen (Zhao Liying).

Less loving is the Royal Preceptor (Gigi Leung Wing-kei) who is making it her mission to have the gang put to death. Believing that her role is to keep everything status quo, Royal Preceptor does her best to convince the Queen that death is the only way to stop her ‘feelings’ from spreading.

Wandering the countryside, they are taken prisoners but while being questioned, each has the opportunity to come up against their female counterpart. Sanzang meets with the Queen who finally has the opportunity to talk about the beliefs she has come to know and what the Monk has to say about it all.

It becomes an opportunity for them both to shatter old myths, discover what drives their fears and share what their feelings could mean. That’s when the Queen decides to break the mold and help them escape, the journey really begins. They want to find the missing piece of an ancient text that could set them all free. What they don’t expect is to find a piece that has a life of its very own!

If that isn’t enough of a problem, the Royal Preceptor has had enough of the Monk and his crew and sends him out to see. What she didn’t plan is that the Queen would follow possibly ending Womanland once and for all.

It can all change with a single emotion – love.

Shaofeng as Tang Sanzang is a very gentle character which he needs to be to hang around his disciples. The problem is that it seems those in Womanland are unimpressed by his quiet nature – except maybe the Queen. Kwok as the Monkey King isn’t exactly thrilled with their situation and isn’t about to let anything or anyone get in their way of getting home.

Xiaoshenyang as Bajie is absolutely taken with the world of women and in his quest to introduce himself, gets the whole group taken prisoner. Chung-him as Wujing is curious about their situation and completely relies on Sanzang to get the answers.

Liying as the Queen is lovely, sweet, charming and very curious to know if what Womanland believes is really true. Wanting to find out for herself and get to know Sanzang, she knows she must go against the Royal Preceptor. Leung as the RP has her own agenda and it isn’t to do what’s right for the Queen.

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“The Monkey King 3” is a magical adventure filled with amazing special effects, color, imagination and brilliant costuming. In the midst of that is a story about the myths that can stagger a culture and opening up to all possibilities.

The characters from “The Monkey King” are all on a journey looking for something as is the monk. Of course, there is humor and comedy mixed in which is the driving force of the story being told. I actually enjoy the loveliness of this series with its beautiful colors and slightly exaggerated emotions and creatures that are epic in scope.

“The Monkey King 3” is an adventure filled with amazing action sequences that are as mythical as the story itself. It is a wild ride filled with so much to see and experience filled with mischief, a tale of love and the loyalties of friendship.

In the end – can love break through centuries worth of belief?



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