In theatres this week from director Charlie McDowell and writer Justin Lader along with The Weinstein Company is what happens with life and THE ONE I LOVE.

This film tells the story of Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss), a married couple who are in need of a therapist (Ted Danson). Trying to rekindle the spark in their unity, the therapist suggests a retreat.

What starts out as a rekindling turns into a freak show as Ethan begins to see his wife in a new and highly unusual way and Sophie isn’t complaining either!

FINAL WORD: Duplass as Ethan is a man who is having to face not only his fears but his own inadequacies as well. It is interesting to watch his character evolve from a man who is suspicious to revealing why that is so. Duplass takes the man’s point of view and all roads lead to bacon.

Moss as Sophie kind of likes Ethan but not the Ethan she married originally. You follow? Trying to understand the situation, Sophie is drawn to what makes her feel good about herself. Moss has the wonderful ability to show every bit of that AND have a say about the other side of herself.

Danson has a small role in the film but I was pretty happy to see him!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE ONE I LOVE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is such a unique look at a marriage especially when the couples come together discussing what they’ve learned from one another.

At some point I actually had to stop and think about it really (which I like), I mean what if you had to face yourself – literally came face to face with yourself. There is no way too lie to yourself, skirt around issues nor convince you that you’re right! I know this sounds absolutely crazy but that’s the point.

The ending was such a head scratcher because director McDowell and writer Lader leave it completely up to the viewer as to how the ending is interpreted. I thought of it from both sides actually and am keeping my interpretation to myself thank you very much.

It’s hard to talk specifics about the film because giving anything away sucks! I don’t like it when someone tells me what’s up so I’m not going to tell you – instead, grab your significant other and prepare to have your minds yanked around a little.

In the end – a new twist on an old marriage!



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