On Bluray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and creator of The Vampire Dairies executive producer Julie Plec is the first season for viewers to get to know THE ORIGINALS.

This WB series grab viewers right away with the story of three siblings: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), a ruthless hybrid vampire/wolf who has anger issues, brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is the well-dressed and always composed vampire who continually has hope for his brother Klaus, and sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) who wants a semi-normal life.

These three are the original vampires who came to New Orleans when the city first came into being. Klaus decided to make the city his very own and declare himself king! Also in New Orleans were the humans, other wolf packs and witches. With the help of Marcel (Charles David), a young slave boy Klaus turns into a protégé, they take the city.

When their father Mikael returns, Klaus is on the run. The three originals leave New Orleans and go their separate ways. Now, in modern day New Orleans, Klaus wants his city back but now Marcel is in charge and isn’t going to give up being King for anyone, not even his creator.

Klaus calls back Elijah and Rebekah to help him but instead they are met with angry witches that can’t be trusted and wolf woman Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) who claims to be pregnant with Klaus’ child!

With each turn, The Originals discover how much has changed in the city and at the same time how much has remained hidden. A young witch Davina (Danielle Campell) is a game changer for the town’s witches and Marcel is protecting her. Klaus and Elijah will do anything to find out why and what powers she has. Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) has her own plans for them all.

If they didn’t have enough to do, the brothers work with Hayley to help the wolf pack but Klaus does it for selfish reasons as Elijah’s reasons are purely emotional. The one constant is Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) who tries to keep the factions working together instead of tearing each other apart.

Am I telling you absolutely everything….ABSOLUTELY NOT!

FINAL WORD: Morgan as Klaus is vicious, sarcastic, arrogant and has trust issues a mile long and it’s all of his own doing. Morgan does such a fantastic job of being all of those things and more. That being said I will admit when he tears up and can see why he is given chance after chance because everyone loves a naughty hybrid! There are moments when he is fuming at the teeth where my first thought is, “yep, someone’s going to have to pay for that!” This is a character that is unpredictable and because of that has moments worth cheering for.

Gillies as Elijah is definitely the cool one! He walks into a room with an air of regal that’s pretty alarming as well. He loves his family and, more often than not, is the go between for Klaus and Rebekah – or anyone else Klaus wants to suck dry! Gillies portrays all of that in such a way that is calm and eerie at the same time. Even when he’s threatening someone, Gillies makes it look sexy! That’s what makes these brothers so fantastic together.

Holt as Rebekah is a young woman who can be either calm or teeth bearing! Wanting love, home and family, she strives for that and it’s usually Klaus that gets in her way. That’s where the love/hate sibling relationship comes in – so much so that a secret from their past is going to get ugly. Holt is charming and unexpected at the same time and the medium between the two brothers.

Davis as Marcel doesn’t give up his position without a fight! The connection with Klaus is based on their history but his feelings for Rebekah might be his doom. Davis’ role is played in many dimensions and it’s never quite clear who he’s making deals with – almost as good as his maker! Davis character is full of heart that’s for sure.

Tonkin as Hayley is a presence to be dealt with. It isn’t easy being pregnant and trust me when I say it’s not smart to cross a pregnant woman, let alone wolf carrying a vampire/wolf hybrid! The more this character discovers her past, the more she wants to do what’s right for her pack. Tonkin plays this character with a toughness which I think she would have to have hanging around this bunch!

Campbell as Davina is a young woman pulled from all sides. The witches want her back to finish a ritual, the wolves want her because she probably tastes good and the vampires want to keep her because of her powers. Campbell definitely gets screwed up by all factions and just when you think she can’t stretch any further…yea, you get me.


The cast of Witches: Leah Pipes as Camille, Daniella Pineda as Sophie Deveraux, Shannon Kane as Sabine, and Yasmine Al-Bustami as Monique.

The cast of Wolves: Peta Sergeant as Francesca Correa, Chase Coleman as Oliver and Nathan Parsons as Jackson.

The cast of Vampires: Eka Darville as Diego, Callard Harris as Thierry, and Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol.

The Bluray set includes 4 discs and the DVD has 5 discs. It also includes so much that it will take you an entire weekend to see it all and how do I know this – yep, I did it! The special features include the Pilot Commentary with creator Julie Plec and director Chris Grismer, 2013 Comic Con panel, 2014 PaleyFest Panel, THE ORIGINALS: Origins featurette, THE ORIGINALS: Re-mixing History, THE ORIGINALS VAMPIRES: A Bite-Sized Backstory and Deleted Scenes.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group brings together home video and digital distribution for global distribution which includes theatrical content. Find out what more they have to offer at www.warnerbros.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE ORIGINALS four tubs of popcorn out of five. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I love it when I’m pleasantly surprised. Yes, I am a fan of the vampire/wolf genre and when you add some witches to the brew it’s going to be all kinds of crazy.

The storyline is complicated with this first season but something tells me that is all just ground work for what is coming in season two! Set in New Orleans, it does feed into the themes of what that city is historically known for – whether fact or fiction. It’s fun to see where the filming takes place from the bayou, to the streets of the French Quarter and the historic cemeteries of the city. The flashbacks of different eras have beautiful costumes and trust me I notice those

There is the standard vampire ‘rules’ if you want to call it that. The winner here is Klaus because being a hybrid he can’t be destroyed but it doesn’t mean the other factions don’t give it a try. The witches are kept busy brewing ways to break spells and try to get the upper hand but the wolves have their own plans.

The relationship between Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah is held together by a delicate thread. The unfolding of their relationship is really interesting and the history with dear ole Dad is clear but personally I’m waiting to see what Mama has to say for herself.

THE ORIGINALS is a Bluray set that is absolutely worth owning, especially if you enjoy a complex storyline with characters who aren’t guaranteed to end up on the winning end by the seasons’ finale. This is a series where it’s all about keeping up, staying smart and knowing how to keep your enemies close which means the tables can turn at a moments notice!

In the end – they are THE ORIGINALS!

Jamie Falkowitz-Tancredi Jamie@falkowitzpr.com



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