Coming this Friday from director Nick Cassavetes and 20th Century Fox comes the tale of friendship with a little revenge when you are dealing with THE OTHER WOMAN.

This film tells the story of Kate King (Leslie Mann), a woman keeping her home and life in sync with entrepreneur husband Mark (Nikolaj Waldau). Believing life is going so well she is confronted with the truth about hubby dearest – an affair with lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz).

Distraught, Kate goes to see Carly to find out why the affair was happening. Carly is equally upset not knowing Mark was even married. As their strained friendship grows it comes to both of their attention that Mark has carved out another life for himself with another mistress – Amber (Kate Upton).

Kate’s brother Phil (Taylor Kinney) is watching this weird threesome friendship grow and Carly’s father Frank (Don Johnson) is more than willing to help the girls dig deep into all of Mark’s secrets.

After all, mutual revenge has its fun moments.

FINAL WORD: Mann as Kate gets more than one opportunity in the film to go stark raving-ranting mad. As much as I like Mann, I’m beginning to see a pattern here of her character being these kind of whiny, crazed women roles that are funny from time to time but not constantly. Her performance did make me laugh here and there and I do give her props for being able to deliver her lines with the speed of lightening!

Diaz as Carly also has some funny moments. Playing the smart lawyer she obviously only has brilliance in the courtroom falling fast and hard in lust is my thinking. Diaz has played these roles before as well so I’m just going to let that go.

Upton as Amber is just a bubble headed blonde with big boobs that gets to jumping around in slow motion in her bikini. Basically playing a stereotypical role I would have bought into the character a little more but the ending ruined it for me.

Waldau as Mark is a far cry from the missing handed Jamie Lannister from GAME OF THRONES. Instead of missing a hand he almost loses another body part. Of course the bathroom bit was a little funny for me because all I could think of was ‘well, I guess a Lannister does pay his debts!’ He gets a chance to play a tall good-looking man who is obviously going through some crisis driving around in a car too small for him and a collecting a beach babe whose boobs are too big for him.

Minaj as Carly’s secretary Lydia does have some pretty good one liners but my problem is why are all these rappers and pop stars (or what ever they want to call themselves because singer isn’t an option) suddenly in film? I know the answer but Minaj might not like it.

Kinney as Phil gets to be eye candy for the ladies, seriously, how do you expect this to be a date night film if there isn’t enough eye candy to go around for everybody! Johnson gets to play around a little and get paid.

Other cast includes: Victor Cruz as Fernando, David Thornton as Nick, Alyshia Ochese as CeCe, and Nicki Minaj as Lydia.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE OTHER WOMAN three tubs of popcorn out of five. This has date night written all over it, female revenge, humor, boobs, good looking guys, jokes, drinking, ‘girl-power’ and a predictable ending. Take all of that with a dash of humor and everyone should leave happy.

That being said we’ve seen this plotline before so there are moments where all I could think was ‘Kate needs to stop whining, Carly needs to stop being a snot and Amber needs to stop doing whatever she’s doing to ruin her brain cells and Mark needs to get back to Kings Landing’. I’m sure those remarks will just get me some flack but I can take it!

In the end – the oddest friends are about to get even!



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