Coming to scare you this Halloween from directors/writers Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath and IFC Midnight is THE PACT II.

This film tells the story of June Abbott (Camilla Luddington), a young woman who’s job it is to clean up very messy crime scenes. Living with her boyfriend Officer Meyer (Scott Foster) she tries to live a normal life. Until one particular crime scene when she has visions of a dead killer named Judas.

Then her stepmother is murdered in a similar fashion and June starts to believe that perhaps Judas isn’t really dead. Now, FBI Agent Ballard (Patrick Fischler) begins to investigate the case and June’s part in all of it.

But June isn’t about to wait around as she seeks out victims of Judas including Annie Barlow (Caity Lotz) who tells the young woman surprising things! Now her boyfriend believes that Agent Ballard has something to do with all of this but it’s too late – he’s on his way!

FINAL WORD: Luddington as June gets a full on grip taking on this role. She has the right amount of darkness to her already but when the shadows come into play she isn’t about to let her guard down. I really enjoyed the way Luddington portrays this role and doesn’t sit around waiting for death to take her out – she’s going on her own terms!

Meyer as Foster wants to protect June from anything that comes her way. Trying to discover how this is all happening is a full time job especially with the FBI looking on. Speaking of FBI, Fischler as Ballard is watching every move that June makes. It’s almost as if he’s letting her do all the investigating. Keep an eye on him!

Lotz as Annie gives the audience a chance to revisit some thing from the first film. It isn’t a big chunk of the film but enough to give her character a part to play in this twisted story.

Let’s give props to Steger as Judas. There is something amazingly creepy about the way he plays this character which I absolutely love. Turn off the lights while watching the film and tell me that Steger’s performance doesn’t give you pause!

Other cast include: Haley Hudson as Stevie, Nicki Micheaux as Lt. Carver, Suziey Block as Ellie Ford, Joshua Grote as Snyder and Mark Steger as Charles Barlow aka Judas!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE PACT II three tubs of popcorn out of five. There are immediately several lessons here: 1) Don’t wash your face with the bathroom door wide open and 2) make sure your lighter has enough butane! Yes folks, that’s absolutely what I took from this film. Hey, in all horror films it is important to take note of helpful hints that will keep you safe.

With a running time (pun intended) of 95 minutes it gets from beginning to end without to much down time in between. That’s to be expected if you have a killer chasing you in daylight while haunting your dreams. It’s a full time job that Judas takes seriously.

Halloween is here and if you’re like me and look forward to horror movie fun with food, friends and no lights allowed then THE PACT II needs to be part of your evenings festivities!

In the end – evil never lets go!



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