On Bluray from director Seok-hoon Lee and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a story filled with surprises when it comes to THE PIRATES.

This film tells the story of Jang Sa-jung (Nam-gil Kim), a young soldier who believes in honor and refuses to tuck tail and run. Standing up to those in charge, a showdown came with Mo Hong-gab (Tae-woo Kim) and it was a battle of swift swords. Knowing he could never return, Jang became Crazy Tiger and becomes the leader of bandits in the mountains.

On the sea, Captain So-ma (Kyeong-yeong Lee) is a cruel leader who mistreats his crew. Chief Mate Yeo-wol (Ye-jin Son) can no longer take it and challenges So-ma to a battle. Her skills are relentless winning the duel and sending So-ma into the sea. She is now the captain and leader of pirates on the sea.

Now, in the country, the new leader decides it is time to officially name the Joseon Dynasty and creates a seal to present to Ming. While trying to deliver the message and seal on the sea, the crew attacks a whale they see near the boat. The whale attacks and destroys the boat and along with it the seal!

Returning to Joseon, those in charge change the story saying it was the pirates and bandits that stole the seal. The leader gives his generals two weeks to find the seal who call on Monk (Cheol-min Park) to make that happen.

Through a series of strange events, Crazy Tiger and Yeo-wol meet each other and each has an enemy from their past to deal with. Both want to find the seal and will do anything to make that happen.

Bringing their talents from land and sea together it becomes clear that saving the whale being hunted for the seal means more than they realized.

FINAL WORD: Kim as Jang is handsome yet daring with sword-quickness that keeps the action going. What I enjoyed as well is that although he is a leader, it doesn’t stop this character from having funny moments. Having never seen a whale, Jang’s reaction was entirely comical and so well done. Kim’s portrayal of Jang is also charming as he tries to woo the young lady captain!

Son as Chief Mate Yeo-wol is intense, no-nonsense, wicked with a sword but has a sincere tenderness for the whales she is sent to hunt. There is no doubt Son is beautiful and those dazzling eyes are filled with adventure. I truly enjoyed the fact that she became a Captain leading me who didn’t care she was a woman and they stood by their Captain. Brava!

Lee as Captain So-ma is every inch a greedy man but a vengeful one more so. Building his ship to hunt Yeo-wol, Lee gives a straight up solid performance. Kim as Mo is Jang’s Captain So-ma – wanting a bit of revenge for what happened between he and Jang, he doesn’t stand a change as Crazy Tiger is angrier!

Other cast include: Hae-jin Yoo as Chul-bong, Won-hae Kim as Choon-seob, Dal-hwan Jo as San-man, Jeong-geun Sin as Yong-kap, Sulli Choi as Heuk-myo, Yi-Kyeong Lee as Cham-bok, Dal-su Oh as Han Sang-jil, Nae-sang Ahn as Iiege, Hie-bong Jo as Oh Man-oh and Sung-hwa Jung as Bak-mo.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE PIRATES four tubs of popcorn out of five. I really do love period pieces like this with the awesome costuming and set designs. What truly brings that all to life is the actors and this film is no exception. THE PIRATES is such a mixture of action, adventure, humor, fun and even a bit of romance.

Coming in at 130 minutes there are a wide range of twists and turns, plots and subplots that are sprinkled in the script but come together beautifully. There were a few things I didn’t see coming and it sure didn’t feel like a long film but instead enjoyed watching it all unravel in its own pace.

Director Lee is also responsible for the films SEE YOU AFTER SCHOOL (2006) and wrote DANCING QUEEN (2012) and the upcoming film HIMALAYAS. He takes THE PIRATES and gives is a mash up of true history and creative fiction bringing fans pure entertainment.

In the end – land and sea come together!



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