Opening in theatres this Friday from director Ole Bornedal, Ghost House Pictures and Lionsgate comes Sam Raimi presents THE POSSESSION.

This film tells the story of Clyde Brenek (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a basketball coach who is living on his own since the divorce from wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick). His two daughters young Emily (Natasha Calis) and teen Hannah (Madison Davenport) are not happy about their parent’s troubles.

Spending weekends with Dad, the two girls convince him to stop at a local garage sale to get dishes. As Emily walks around and notices an unusual box that seems to be calling to her. Getting Dad to buy it Emily takes it to his house.

Almost immediately strange things begin to happen, as Em becomes the center of the causes, Em and the box. Clyde must now call upon those who know about the box and what it contains.

Time is running out.

FINAL WORD: Morgan plays Dad Clyde with all the guilt of a man who knows his family has fallen apart and his selfishness is easily to blame. It doesn’t stop him from continuing this habit when offered the dream job. As the situation with his daughter Em intensifies, he leaps into action to help her survive.

Sedgwick as Stephanie is busy trying to start a new relationship while still hanging over the ex and pretending everything is his fault. Double-edged lady here who I thought needed therapy herself. Not one of Sedgwick’s best roles but she did get to kiss Morgan so I’ll let her slide. Davenport as Hannah is a teen in the wonderful years where she is just as self centered as her dad. Apple didn’t fall far! She does a good job portraying it!

Calis is the winner here. The changes she makes as slow and deliberate and Calis gives us an up close and personal look at scary. Her reaction to what the character is going through is really amazing for such a young actress. Her face just showed so much emotion I have to give it up to her – she scared me a tad when she was quiet!

The film is based on a story of a family and the 29 days the box was in their possession. A dybbuk box is from Jewish folklore about evil spirits. This became famous when such a box ended up on ebay by a student named Iosif Neitzke who claimed the box caused strange things to happen, including losing his hair.

Other cast includes: Grant Snow as Brett, Matisyahu as Tzadok, Rob LaBelle as Russell, Nana Gbewonyo as Darius and Anna Hagan as Elenore.

FINAL WORD: I give THE POSSESSION three tubs of popcorn. It is more of a thriller than anything else. If you’re looking for ‘horror’ in the horrific sense of the word this isn’t the film for you. There are moments of suspense and minor jolts that lead up to an ending you need to see to believe.

Click here to follow the trail of the true story and read more about it!

In the end – fear the demon that doesn’t fear God.



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