Coming to theatres this Friday from director James DeMonaco and Universal Pictures comes a terrifying possibility of THE PURGE.

This film tells the story of James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) and his wife Mary (Lena Headey), a couple living in a small town with their kids Charlie (Max Burkholder) and Zoey (Adelaide Kane).

Normally this would be quaint but now America is being taken over by crime and over crowded prisons. Once a year the government allows a 12-hour period where murder and crime is legal. There is no police; no emergency services and citizens are on their own.

On this night a stranger comes to the door!

FINAL WORD: Hawke as James it was another role that he does so well. He always has these roles where he’s a tough guy but really I’m super sensitive. He had to protect his family but was willing to get his ass beat. He knows deep down he’s a wuss but does what he needs to and Hawke does the job.

Headey as Lena is nice to see in a more motherly role. This was her chance to be a bad ass herself protecting the kids and well-being. Her outlook was that she had morals but supported the government because she wasn’t sacrificing her family. Once the mayhem happens she took over more than Hawke’s character did.

Kane as Zoey is very pretty but I didn’t really think there was much substance there. Being a teenager sneaking in the boyfriend, Kane’s character just doesn’t seem to care all that much about … much. Burkholder as Charlie had a weird and demented outlook on everything. There is a little twist there but confusing with no emotion attached to it all.

Other cast include: Tony Oller as Henry, Arija bareikis as Grace Ferrin, Tom Yi as Cali, Chris Mulkey as Mr. Halverson, Tisha French as Mrs. Halverson, Dana Brunch as Mr. Ferrin, Peter Gvozdas as Dr. Buynak, Rhys Wakefield as the polite stranger and Edwin Hodge as the bloody stranger!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE PURGE three tubs of popcorn out of five. It is original with an interesting plot…finally! I think my generation will like the idea that it’s different. Afterwards I know people will be talking about their own personal choices.

The film brings you into the idea and makes you think ‘is this a good idea?’ They set the stage for the thought process for the audience. It’s kind of psychological with a touch of scary. The ending will throw viewers off but go along for the ride. The fact is you’ll leave wondering who do you really trust?

In the end – they just need to survive the night!



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