Coming to DVD from Shout! Kids Factory and directors Jesper Moller, Sinem Sakaoglu and Helmut Fischer comes the stop-motion animated film “The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams.”

Willington is a sheep who doesn’t want to be counted. With a flair of his own for fence jumping, he is dismissed for not being boring enough! Deciding to find where he belongs, Willington turns to the Sandman believing the dream maker needs a side kick!

Sandman listens to what he has to say and gives the sheep his first mission; he must protect the bag of magic sand. Shimmerman, the Master of Nightmare & Storms, makes a quick snag of the bag leaving Willington freaking out.

To get the magic sand back, Sandman says they need a brave sailor to take them through the storm. The happy sheep must go into the real world to find such a sailor and comes back with six year old Milo.

Now the three must travel through Dreamland and set things right before Shimmerman uses the magic sand against children everywhere!

The character of Milo is so endearing that everyone watching will immediately feel protective of this young boy. He is trying to be as important as the family he is born into but has a secret. The story unfolds so wonderfully and Milo gets much credit for that.

Sandman is the calming force behind all the mayhem in Dreamland. Although he knows that much is at stake with the taking of the magic sand, but he stands by his crew on their journey and is supportive every step of the way.

Willington the sheep is hilarious! He is very energetic, funny and has no problem saying the first thing that pops into his head. He likes being a sheep but finally gets a chance to love being a different kind of sheep. Willington cracks jokes and I love laughing!

Shimmerman wants to control everything and he has no problem using everyone around him to get what he wants. His end is deserved and hilarious.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I have been a fan of stop-motion animation since I was a kid so it is a thrill to see it done in such a memorable way for me and for me to share with my grandkids.

The film is so colorful, vibrant, silly, fun, funny and with a story that embraces friendship. The character of Milo is such an amazing young man who shares his fears and, the best part, faces them in order to help those around him. It is such a selfless act in so many ways.

The story truly does have so much to offer families who want a film that is not only fun to watch but entertaining. There is even more here in that “The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams” has themes that are worthy of talking about long after the film is over.

Because of that as well I’d high recommend this film to be added to any family media library. Jump right into the stop-motion animation with the sheep, creatures, dancing umbrellas, pillowy clouds, music and everything else that makes this film so delightful.

In the end — they are saving the dreams of every boy and girl!



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