Coming to theaters this week from directors Boris Aljinovic, Harald Siepermann and SHOUT! Factory films comes a fairy tale about “The Seventh Dwarf.”

In the Fantabularasa Castle it is the evening of Princess Rose’s 18th birthday. Everyone has begun to arrive including Snow White, the Dwarfs, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. Also waiting in the wings is the evil ice queen Dellamorta who wants the kingdom all for her very own. Putting her plan into action it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

When Bobo, the youngest dwarf, pricks his finger on the cursed needle, the entire kingdom falls into a deep sleep. There is only one way to turn it all around. Someone must find Jack as a true love’s kiss is the answer.

Bobo and the six other Dwarfs including Cooky, Cloudy, Sunny, Tschakko, Speedy, and Ralph, must now face Burner, Dellamorta’s dragon, if they are to stop the evil from keeping the kingdom asleep forever!

This is such a fun, funny, endearing, sweet and amazing film to watch. Bobo the Dwarf captures my heart instantly and for several reasons. One, I mean how cute is he right? He is also the one who carries such a responsibility while not being so sure about himself. Frame by frame he grows into a dwarf that knows what to do and loves his friends without question.

Burner is an absolute winner here. I would love to have a stuffed animal vicious/cutie dragon on my desk to remind me of what a fantastic character this creature is. Dellamorta is deliciously evil and portrayed so well. I have to say there are moments when I absolutely cracked up.

The process of writing this screenplay took over nine months to bring together. Producer Douglas Welbat was surprised when “The Seventh Dwarf” would be produced as a live-action film as Harald Siepermann came on board. Soon after Michael Coldewey of Trixter, a VFX studio would begin putting a kingdom together.

The Kingdom of Fantabularasa began to emerge with three main sets — the royal castle, Dellamorta’s liar and the dwarf’s cottage in the forest. Welbat says, “We wanted a castle that came across very playful and fairytale like.”

That is a stark difference to Dellamorta’s lair that is dark and depressing. Welbat explains, “We needed a hidden castle, something that would not be so easy for everyone to find.” In between the two is the cottage in the forest that is tucked away with an enchanted feel.

The characters created fit so wonderfully in the world put together by an amazing group of people. So what could you add that would make it even more amazing? How about a little song and dance! There is a fun dance sequence as Jan Stoltz says, “Making an animated character dance well is even more difficult than learning how to dance well yourself. It also has to be a special dance that captivates everyone.”

Finally, the music is important and Welbat didn’t have to search long for a composer as his own son Daniel would produce a rich score that adds another layer to this wonderful animated film.


Cast includes Peyton List as Princess Rose, Norm MacDonald as Burner, Nina Hagen as Dellamorta, Joshua Graham as Bobo, Joe Marth as Cooky, Al Parrish as Cloudy, Geoff May as Sunny, Matt Gilbert as Tschakko, Cameron Elvin as Speedy, Peter Karwowski as Ralphy and James Frantowski as Jack.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Seventh Dwarf” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is such an original, fun, charming and endearing film that has everything to offer. The animation is so well done, a story that is different along with singing and dancing — and from the most unexpected characters.

I love Red Riding and the Wolf and totally dig Snow White’s attitude. Bringing these characters together again is so much fun. From a small cottage to a cave with a dragon, these dwarves will have you cheering for the most unexpected characters! Based on characters by Otto Waalkes and Bernd Eilert, “The Seventh Dwarf” is a film that everyone in the family will enjoy.

To find out more about “The Seventh Dwarf,” go to the official site at The site offers a chance to meet the characters, the gallery of fantastic photos and a listing of a theatre near you to see the film with your entire family.

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In the end — heroes come in all sizes!



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