On VOD now from director Caryn Waechter and Freestyle Releasing is a chilling look at THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT.

This tells the story of Emily Parris (Kara Hayward), a young woman who is targeted by a group of girls led by Mary Warren (Georgie Henley). Mary brings together a group of girls who attempt to rule the school with their scary behavior.

Along with Catherine (Willa Cuthrell), Lavinia (Olivia DeJonge), Rose (Laura Fraser) and Sara (Morgan Turner) they each make Emily’s life hell. Bringing to life their group through social media, it isn’t long before the press get involved and lives are shattered.

One person who tries to help is Gordy Gambhir (Kal Penn), a school counselor who is implicated in a scandal brought on by Mary. Now that the wheels have begun to turn, there seems no stopping what is to come for Emily.

The absolute winner here is Henley as Mary who has once again put in an amazing performance as a young woman out of control. Her ability to look innocent in one frame to all out crazed trouble maker in the next is pure genius. It’s hard to remember her as the very young Lucy from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA as her talent has grown right along with her.

Hayward as Emily gives a performance you won’t see coming until the very end. Starting the small town on edge is one thing but when it can’t be controlled is when her life becomes more than she can handle. Hayward brings the whole episode full circle.

Penn as Gambhir tries to see past what is being said about the girls and discover what is going on in their lives that has caused things to go so very wrong. Caught up in the media attention himself, it is hard to get through the whispers even if you scream.

Cuthrell as Catherine brings a depth to her character that is amazing and I really enjoyed her performance.

Other cast include: Gary Wilmes as Principal Harvey, Neal Huff as Tom, Hudson Yag as Henry Huang, Louis Changchien as Stanley Huang, Juliana Sass as Hilda, Evan Kuzma as Jeff, Orlagh Cassidy as Linda Warren and Deema Aitken as Travis.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT three tubs of popcorn out of five. If there is one big lesson here it is the extent of social media and the hysteria it can bring to any small town.

It is interesting to watch the story develop from where it begins to where it ends and all because what is seen is not what is actually the reality. The storyline delves into how rumors and innuendo based little on fact but instead of the hysteria of those doing all the speculating.

Each character has a story to tell and if the viewer doesn’t get too wrapped up in the hype, will be treated to the life of these girls that speaks volumes. It’s a story of friendship, family life, and the world’s quick rise to judgment – a lesson in each of these.

In the end – it is spreading through the halls of Kingston High!



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